The Valken Proton is a solid midline electric gun that won’t break the bank. There are some features on it that’ll make it stand out from the pack, for good or for ill depending on the user. This paintball gun is built in the image of the uber-popular Mokal Aura. While many consider the Valken Proton to be an entry-level marker, it is extremely accurate, sturdily built, and easy to hold. It sells for around $325, a fairly low cost for a high-quality paintball marker. Most agree that the Valken Proton outperforms this price range. Both novices and pros gravitate toward the Valken Proton for good reason. If you’re looking at picking up a middle of the road electric marker, then read on and decide if the Proton is right for you.

First Impression:

So if you start the Valken Proton for the first time, you will recognize that it will be protected in a Styrofoam trim in an unexceptional wooden box. From a first look, the appearance of a flat wooden box is a bit of an issue, but everyone should never judge a book by the cover. Don’t let your very next perception affect your perspective upon that high-quality marker. You will probably have found a feature, a textbook, and a sequence of useful additional parts, including extra detents, springs, and O-rings, in the middle of the container’s fiberglass trim.

The Marker Itself:

Valken doesn’t have the significant international popularity of several other companies such as Planet Eclipse or Empire, but it does deliver reliable parts. The other most discussed just the mark they’re manufacturing is the Proton. The Proton is an electronic paintball gun that will support several competitors brilliantly. However, it does have a few essential qualities that participants seem to either love or dislike, based on personal taste and interests.


The structure of a marker is made out of aluminum, which has a customizable design. It’s distinctly small and stocky relative to several other characteristics. According to its shatter beam detector, launching is precise and efficient. The Valken Proton always works with an air storage connector that could be quickly turned up and down. The ASA is the usual on/off, and there’s nothing to talk about this at home. It is fixed to the dovetail rail instead of to the stock bolt. The frame is elementary, and it’s not hard to design if you relate to the marker guide. It’s straightforward just to push a touch screen to switch the settings on the fly.

When you’re holding the Valken Proton, you’ll immediately notice that it is markedly lighter than other paintball guns. Even when you add the air tank and the paintballs, it is still relatively easy to carry. You can thank Valken’s engineering team for the marker’s lightweight and ergonomic design. They build each Valken Proton body with the same aluminium that is used to build aircraft.

The marker break light detector stops it all from shooting till the paintball settles securely in the container. This increases the game experience and also reduces resources and time. You’re never going to encounter a system failure with Valken Proton. This ensures you’ll hold maintaining to basic essentials, as the paintball markers won’t burst within the container.


Thanks to the anti-slicing laser, you might not have to waste more time on washing the Proton barrel, which ensures that it’s relatively easy to clean during the game. You’re always going to want to break that down, lubricant it, etc., in among times in the ground in terms of maintaining excellent efficiency. Another increase in the quality is that this is removable and makes sure of whenever something happens.

Shot of Valken Proton:

It’s reliable, and that will enable you to keep a particularly great fire rate overall. There are several things to understand if you wish to make it your main arm. It’s noisy, but it is a little more reticent than many other professionals want. Suppose you like the “feel” of your weapons to be loud and strong, even if you’re not ready to be forced off by others. It is handy when it comes to air use, although this will keep a safe, reliable shooting over longer ranges if you could somehow endure the disadvantages.

How The Valken Proton Shoots?

When you take the Valken Proton out for your first practice shots, you’ll likely notice its new and reasonably unique recurred trigger design. It is built to roll along with dual bearings for easy pulls and adjusted in four different manners. It doesn’t wiggle from side to side in the slightest.  To describe the Valken Proton’s trigger as the firm is an understatement. If you like a trigger on the stiffer side, you’ll love this one. Those who want more of a loose feel will be tempted to disassemble the marker and snip some of the trigger’s spring coils for a better sense. All players will love the ample space between the Foregrips and the trigger frame. 

The Valken Proton has five firing modes, four tournament modes, and minimal recoil, thanks to its spool valve design. You can configure the Valken Proton for either full automatic firing or rapid-fire with ease. This product is of tremendous value. However, I could purchase a new marker through MSRP. It still seems like an even more costly marker.

In contrast, the cost is close to that of the Proto Rail, the Invert/Empire Mini, and the Planet Eclipse Etha. The very first aspect you’ll note is just how lightweight the device is. Also, in size and weight, almost all of the vendors are overwhelmed by this device. I enjoy paintball, so this reduced weight is an essential element. On the speedball track, the compact size can make it a little easier to manage between defensive positions. Even it’s quicker and much more secure in the hands than the Mini.

  • Extremely Lightweight.
  • Accurate and High Rate of Fire.
  • Recurve Trigger.
  • 45 Grip.
  • Fairly Stiff Trigger.
  • Considerable Muzzle Rise.
  • No Upgrades Available.

Reviews of Expert Users:

  1. The first experience of the Proton is fantastic, the marker seems to be very lightweight, it looks fantastic in the hands, compact but also convenient. The air intake connection. Fire neck is of top standard, the trigger is just about the best you’ve got on the store marker, particularly for the cost. Quite quick shooting and the ASA is among the easiest to be used on the marketplace.
  2. Never had any issues with it except for a tight trigger, and the controls from the front hand are a bit too quick to reach, which could lead you to switch from simple to fast. There are many approaches to repair the mechanism so that it could be modified to turn it into an outstanding weapon pure and simple. The barrel is not all that good, either, but it’s not terrible in any way.
  3. In contrast, however, you could get a Powerful Propaganda G5 at almost the same cost with a liveable trigger, turn off ASA, lubricant, longer barrel, lined reg, improved Allen key package, and then the same amount of strong features and neck stream.


There might not be a lot of misleading with the Proton, as much as you would like the shot and don’t want it to come back. It’s simple to cope with and manage, and the apparent lack of mass in the structure makes it extremely easy to maneuver if you’re in the area. It’s a top candidate for a solid opening to the competition action or just an electronic marker in general. All in all, the Valken Proton is a quick shooting and a joy to bear. It’s a good improvement from the Mokal Aura, and its $325 price tag is much more than acceptable.