Ultimate T4E GLOCK 17 GEN 5 Review

The T4E G17 Gen5 blowback training pistol offers professionals a cost-effective way to practice critical GLOCK handling skills through high-round-count dry fire drills. Using green gas, these officially licensed 1:1 replicas precisely match the weight, ergonomics, and function of actual G17 service pistols issued to law enforcement and the military worldwide.

Built as an ideal training counterpart, the T4E G17 Gen5 replicates the most important features like trigger operation, realistic blowback, and magazine changes.

For officers seeking to reinforce muscle memory and manipulations with their duty sidearm without live fire, the G17 Gen5 practice pistol delivers accurate handling dynamics across thousands of affordable training reps.

Inside the Box

The T4E GLOCK 17 Gen 5 replica ships ready to use right out of the retail box. Here is an overview of what to expect with the airsoft handgun purchase:

  • T4E G17 Gen5 GBB Pistol The 1:1 replica G17 Gen5 blowback action airsoft pistol is pre-loaded with T4E. 43g BBs.
  • x2 Magazines The package includes two realistic 28-round gas blowback magazines.
  • Allen Key Set For adjusting Hop-Up and disassembling. 
  • Sample Target A practice target printed on paper.
  • The manual provides safety guidelines, hop-up adjustment tips, gas fill tips, and basic operation.
  • Speed Loader A 28-round speed loader for quickly pouring BBs into magazines.
  • Pack of BBs: An initial 2,000 pack of T4E brand airsoft BBs for loading the magazines and pistol.

With the included accessories and BBs, new owners can immediately begin practicing and drilling with the G17 right after purchase. The replica comes fully pre-assembled; just fill the magazines with BBs and gas to start training.

The Design T4E GLOCK 17 GEN 5

As an officially licensed product, the T4E G17 Gen5 precisely replicates the dimensions, weight, and handling of the real firearms fielded by law enforcement and militaries worldwide. These pistols are engineered as true training counterparts for professional practice.

With realistic blowback action and gun handling, users gain muscle memory and weapon familiarization from accurate representations of the live-fire GLOCK models. The look and feel duplicate the actual pistols down to the smallest details.

These highly realistic paintball guns take the simulation to the next level. The precision manufacturing and attention to detail make them handle and perform like a real GLOCK, providing an unparalleled experience for paintball enthusiasts looking for a more realistic paintball gun.

The weight, balance, and operation closely mirror those of its real steel counterpart. This gives players a chance to train with a gun that has similar ergonomics and controls to a real pistol.

If you’re looking to up your game with a remarkably lifelike paintball sidearm, these GLOCK replicas offer an incredibly realistic option both in form and function.

  • Full metal slide with accurate slide serrations and markings
  • Interchangeable polymer backstraps to match real G17 grip sizes
  • Operating trigger safety, slide release, magazine release
  • Low-profile fixed GLOCK-style sights 
  • Correct weight balance loaded vs unloaded
  • Field-strippable with detail down to the inner barrel rifling

The degree of verisimilitude in materials, form, and handling characterizes these T4E replicas as ideal for professionals whose lives depend on GLOCK proficiency. Authentic tactile training translates critical skills from practice to duty carry.


In action, the T4E G17 Gen5 replicates the cycle of operations that make GLOCK pistols renowned for reliability under pressure. The blowback system energizes the slide with each shot, while the drop-free magazine design facilitates smooth reloads.

Loading the 28-round magazine with.43g BBs provides a realistic loaded weight, replicating a full magazine of 9mm ammunition. Drawing from the holster, users feel that authentic heft while chambering the first BB.

Firing delivers a snappy blowback impulse through the slide to mimic real recoil. The trigger pull weight and positive reset also match the actual GLOCK model. Spent shells eject out the side with each cycle. Accuracy at training distances is better when using heavier BBs.

The Hop-up system gives users the ability to dial in shots and learn marksmanship adjustments similar to live fire. For professionals training weapon handling, drawing, clearing malfunctions, and firing accurately under pressure, the T4E G17 Gen5 proves a valuable asset, mirroring service weapon dynamics.

Trigger Function

A key component that T4E replicates in their training pistols is the trigger function of actual GLOCK models. This ensures users gain relevant experience that translates from practice to real-world responses.

Like a real G17, the T4E Gen5 features an integrated trigger lever safety. This must be fully depressed to disengage the internal safety features and allow the trigger to pull rearward. After firing, a realistic trigger reset re-engages these safety features until the user releases forward pressure and repeats a full squeeze.

This ensures accurate manipulation. The pull weight closely matches the 5–6 lbs of an actual G17 service pistol. The positive wall and crisp break with a short overtravel phase simulate live fire dynamics.

Audible clicks and physical sensations provide user feedback on correct trigger control and firing fundamentals. This muscle memory transfers directly to duty weapons. For professionals whose skills depend on expert GLOCK manipulation, the precise trigger replication in the T4E G17 Gen5 proves an indispensable training investment.

Quick Pierce Magazine

The T4E G17 Gen5 uses a specialized Quick Pierce magazine design to simplify the BB loading process.

Unlike most airsoft pistol magazines, which require winding a speed loader into a narrow feed lip, the Quick Pierce uses a wider fill port and internal follower. This allows for directly pouring BBs into the wider magazine mouth for faster top-offs between drills. A few shakes settle the BBs into place on the internal platform, no winding is required.

Once loaded, seating the magazine and tapping the base quickly loads the first BB into the battery, ready for firing. Additional cuts along the back allow direct monitoring of BB capacity without having to dismount the magazine.

The Quick Pierce magazines combined with the included speed loader allow for efficient emergency and tactical reloads, supporting high round count training. The simpler loading process saves time and frustration compared to typical airsoft magazines.

For professionals drilling magazine changes, malfunction clears, and firing under duress, the Quick Pierce system optimizes these critical manipulations using the T4E G17 Gen5 training pistol.

Pros and Cons

The T4E G17 Gen5 replica provides excellent capabilities for professional training with an accurate GLOCK simulator. Here are some key pros and cons based on testing:


  • Highly realistic blowback action
  • Accurate 1:1 GLOCK marking replications 
  • Field strippable, similar to actual G17
  • Metal slide and polymer frame match real weight balance
  • Operating controls mimic live pistol exactly
  • Quick Pierce magazines speed up loading
  • Affordable cost compared to firearms simulators


  • Limited adjustable Hop-up range compared to airsoft
  • Green gas mags limit shots per fill to about 50
  • No simulated recoil like laser systems
  • short, 15-20 foot accurate range
  • Less powerful than firearm conversion kits

While not as versatile as firearms simulators, the T4E G17 Gen5 excels at the core handling fundamentals thanks to its precise GLOCK form and realistic blowback function. For professionals seeking high-fidelity GLOCK-specific training, this replica proves extremely effective.

Glock 17: Gen 4 vs Gen 5

The T4E G17 is produced in both Gen 4 and Gen 5 models, mirroring the evolution of the actual service pistols. Here are some key differences:

Gen 4 

  • No finger grooves on grip for enhanced customization 
  • Flared mag wells for faster reloads
  • Orange follower in a magazine for round count
  • Upgraded metal slide and polymer frame materials
  • Refined grip texture and trigger feel
  • Narrower slide release and takedown levers

Gen 5

  • Three back straps to choose different grip sizes
  • Interchangeable side panels for texture preference  
  • The slightly curved trigger face
  • The older-style slide release and takedown levers
  • Finger-grooved polymer grip
  • Silver magazine follower 

Both generations closely mimic the details of the actual GLOCK models while providing the same reliable blowback action. The Gen 5 upgrades offer the latest generation of realism for professionals looking to train on current-issue duty pistols. But the Gen 4 maintains robust real-world handling as well.

For training muscle memory and manipulations, either Gen 4 or Gen 5 accurately simulates the handling of the G17 platform under duty conditions thanks to T4E’s precision engineering.


The T4E G17 Gen5 replica pistol provides professionals with a cost-effective GLOCK platform trainer with strong realism across critical areas like sight pictures, handling, trigger function, and magazine changes.

While limited for long-range marksmanship, its adherence to true G17 specs where needed enables high-fidelity weapon manipulation practice, especially drawing, firing, clearing malfunctions, and reloading under pressure.

For officers seeking to complement live fire with high-round-count dry practice on an actual duty pistol model, the T4E GLOCK accurately simulates this muscle memory. Regular, affordable training strengthens life-saving skills, which carry over directly to service weapons.

With robust construction and practical blowback action, the 1:1 G17 Gen5 training pistol proves a wise investment for professionals serious about attaining and maintaining GLOCK weapon mastery through consistent, realistic drills.

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