Shocker SP Amp – Electric Marker With Ergonomics

With its balanced lightweight frame and adjustable wraparound grip, the Shocker SP Amp electropneumatic paintball marker provides stellar ergonomics accessible to a wide range of players. Weighing just over 2 lbs., the compact die-cast magnesium body sits naturally in the shoulder pocket, while the rubberized foregrip aids stable aiming. The back can flex between a low-profile tournament-style stance or an elevated angle utilizing the rise in the stock.

This eases arm strain for smaller shooters. Adjustable trigger reach, pitch, and side-to-side positioning conform to finger proportions and grip style. Combined with the smooth, gentle shot signature and vivid OLED display, the SP Amp’s excellent ergonomic design helps players consistently perform their best through long events.

Twist Bolt Lock 

The Shocker SP Amp utilizes a handy twist lock mechanism to securely fix the bolt in place for transport and storage.

A quick 90-degree turn of the button above the regulator isolates and retains the bolt, preventing accidental discharge. This also allows the mainspring tension to be released between games, prolonging the component’s lifespan.

To fire the marker, a simple counter-rotation releases the bolt lock so it can freely reciprocate. The ergonomic location and bright visual indicator make bolt lock engagement intuitive, even with gloves on.

This built-in safety feature provides peace of mind that the Amp won’t inadvertently fire a shot until the user disables the quick twist lock. It demonstrates the design thoughtfulness that makes the Amp comfortable and practical.

Paint Handling And Efficiency

The Shocker SP Amp leans on the Gamma Core drivetrain’s excellent paint handling for smooth, reliable feeding even under high rates of fire. The tool-less rear access bolt enables quick cleaning of the breech between pods.

The Amp’s lightweight aluminum 14″ barrel includes a ramp insert to guide each ball smoothly into the bore’s match-grade finish. Multiple back bore options fine-tune the barrel bore to the field paint diameter for optimal efficiency.

Combined with the consistent Pre-Set regulator and Gamma Core’s gentle open bolt firing cycle, the Amp achieves outstanding shot-to-shot consistency. Calculated gas use limits excess airflow for increased conservation of compressed air or nitrogen.

Even on a small 48-cubic-inch tank, players can expect hundreds of quality shots per fill. This enables extended games in the back bunkers without worrying about gas supply. The Amp’s refined platform reliably feeds while maximizing every ounce of stored pressure.

Shot Quality

The SP Amp lives up to the buttery smooth shot stroke that Shockers are known for. The 14” barrel aligns precisely with the Gamma Core breech to enable straight rearward bolt motion and minimal tilting. This creates a gentle shot impulse, pushing the ball forward rather than introducing an upward kick.

The firing response feels crisp thanks to the direct-actuated design, bypassing linkages. At the same time, the progressive trigger prevents harsh mechanical stacking.

With each pull, the marker launches paint with a muted “pop” comparable to other proven Gamma Core markers. The sound signature and recoil are modest. The single regulating chamber avoids velocity spikes from dual-regulated designs.

From the first shot, the Amp serves up a creamy stroke and snappy response, satisfying players who prioritize a refined, comfortable shooting dynamic over brute force. It shoots as smoothly as Shockers, costing twice as much.

Tool-less Solenoid Removal 

While low maintenance overall, the Shocker SP Amp allows tool-free access to the firing solenoid for periodic cleaning or component swaps. A thumb screw on the frame quickly releases the solenoid housing, which detaches through the bottom without tools. This grants access to the internal solenoid and power tube for cleaning or lubrication to keep the firing assembly operating smoothly.

One thing I really appreciate about the Amp is how they designed the solenoid assembly to be removed without any tools. It makes getting in there for routine maintenance after long tournament days a breeze. Instead of fumbling around for hex keys, you can just quickly access the solenoid by hand for cleaning and lubrication.

Combined with the bolt that strips down fast too, it makes basic marker care so much simpler for players like me who do our own regular upkeep. The Amp’s thoughtful engineering to make things like solenoid access tool-less shows how it’s built for players who take an active role in maintaining their gear. The quicker I can clean my marker after a muddy match, the quicker I’m ready for the next round!

Highlighted Features

The Shocker SP Amp builds upon the Gamma Core platform with thoughtful refinements tailored for tournament play:

  • Lightweight die cast magnesium body with rubber grip sculpted for reduced fatigue
  • OLED screen visualizes current firing mode, rate of fire, and shot counter
  • Quick-strip tool less bolt removal for breech access in seconds
  • A pre-Set regulator isolates velocity changes from tank pressure drops
  • 14” progressive bore barrel with multiple bore backs for optimized efficiency
  • A crisp, 3-way adjustable mechanical trigger supports rapid firing response
  • Ambidextrous twist-lock buttons secure the bolt for safe transport
  • Streamlined ergonomics with multiple grip and stock riser options 

With robust performance plus comfort and convenience features, the SP Amp fills a niche by offering Gamma Core excellence to intermediate-level tournament competitors seeking an affordable, well-appointed electro-pneumatic marker.

Ergonomics Redefined

One of the things that impresses me most about the Shocker Amp is how ergonomic and comfortable it feels in your hands. For paintball markers, the ergonomics—all the little design tweaks for comfort and fast handling—make a huge difference when you’re in the thick of a match. The Amp has some really innovative updates focused on improving the overall user experience for players like me. 

Things like the foregrip design, trigger adjustments, and my favorite – the tool-less solenoid access – just make this marker feel so dialed in and tailored to a player’s needs. When you’ve got a gun that handles this smoothly and fits your own style, it really boosts your game.

1. Lightweight Design:

The Shocker SP Amp is crafted using high-quality materials that keep it lightweight without compromising durability. This ensures that players can maneuver swiftly without feeling weighed down, providing a distinct advantage in tight situations.

2. Streamlined Profile:

The marker’s sleek design helps reduce its overall profile, minimizing the chances of it getting snagged on obstacles and reducing fatigue during extended gameplay.

3. Customizable Trigger:

Understanding that different players have varied preferences for trigger sensitivity, the Shocker SP Amp comes with an adjustable trigger system. This allows users to fine-tune their firing mechanism, maximizing their shooting efficiency and minimizing finger fatigue.

4. Rubberized Grip:

The marker features a rubberized grip that offers a comfortable and secure hold. This is especially beneficial during intense matches where players’ hands might get sweaty or wet.

Compact QEV Module

One feature on the Amp that immediately caught my eye is the upgraded Quick Exhaust Valve module. By quickly venting air, it allows the marker to cycle much faster and more consistently, even during rapid-fire modes. I can really feel the difference in the snappier shot and lower recoil when I start ramping up on the field. 

Since less air is wasted, efficiency rises too, so I can stay out there blasting longer. The compact, ergonomic QEV gives me better control for laying down paint precisely thanks to the smooth firing behavior.

When a gun both feels this comfortable in your hands and delivers next-level performance, it really takes your game to the next level out on the speedball course. The new QEV tech on the Amp is a game-changer!

Shocker SP AMP vs Planet Eclipse 170 R

Paintball enthusiasts around the world are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest markers that can elevate their game to the next level. In this battle of the giants, we pit the Shocker SP AMP against the Planet Eclipse 170 R to see which one stands tall as the ultimate paintball marker.

Both renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability, it’s time to delve into the details and find out which marker comes out on top.

Design And Ergonomics: Where Comfort Meets Functionality

When it comes to design, both the Shocker SP AMP and the Planet Eclipse 170 R exude a sleek and modern appearance that catches the eye. However, it’s the ergonomic aspects that set them apart.

The Shocker SP AMP’s design is a masterpiece in ergonomics. Its lightweight body and well-placed grips provide unparalleled comfort during prolonged gameplay, allowing players to stay focused on the action. Additionally, the marker’s adjustable trigger and foregrip cater to individual preferences, enhancing shooting precision.

Meanwhile, the Planet Eclipse 170R boasts a robust and durable construction. Although its ergonomics are commendable, some players with smaller hands might find it slightly less comfortable than the Shocker SP AMP. Nevertheless, its solid build ensures the marker can withstand rough handling and harsh conditions on the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shocker SP Amp Paintball Marker

Paintball enthusiasts are always on the lookout for top-notch equipment that can give them the edge on the battlefield. The Shocker SP Amp is one such marker that has garnered significant attention in the paintball community.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the Shocker SP Amp paintball marker.

1. What is the Shocker SP Amp paintball marker?

The Shocker SP Amp is an electric paintball marker manufactured by Shocker Paintball. Known for its exceptional ergonomics and reliable performance, this marker is designed to deliver precision and speed on the field.

2. What makes the Shocker SP Amp stand out from other markers?

The Shocker SP Amp stands out for its ergonomic design, allowing players to maintain a comfortable and steady grip during intense matches. Its tool-less bolt removal system simplifies maintenance, and its low operating pressure ensures smooth and consistent shots.

3. How is the Shocker SP Amp’s performance?

The Shocker SP Amp boasts impressive performance, thanks to its efficient bolt system and low operating pressure. It fires consistently without much recoil, providing players with excellent firing speed and accuracy.

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