Planet Eclipse Geo 4 Review – IV Core bolt Beauty

As an amateur tournament player, I’m always looking for that extra edge to compete with the pros. So when Planet Eclipse announced the Geo 4, I knew I had to try their latest high-end marker. Heading down to the store, I picked up the shiny new Geo 4, admiring its sleek styling. The second I held it, the forged aluminum frame just felt solid.

Gassing it up, that first trigger pull told me the Geo 4 was special. The IV Core bolt engine delivered an incredible, gentle shot, unlike anything I’d felt before. After slicing lanes in the target range, I brought the Geo 4 onto the speedball field for its real test.

Sprinting from snap to snap, the Geo 4 impressed with its crisp response. The trigger had zero side play and almost no resistance. In full auto mode, it achieved a blistering 15+ balls per second! Standing up to trade paint, the Geo 4’s minimal kick allowed me to overwhelm opponents with superior firepower.

Cleaning between points was easy with the tool-less bolt removal. Throughout a rigorous day of play, the Geo 4 performed flawlessly, even under heavy fire scenarios. Its lightweight body moved like an extension of my hands.

Testing the Geo 4 was a treat; its premium engineering and refinement showed on the field. The IV Core bolt delivers an enticing mix of smoothness, efficiency, and speed. Any tournament player looking for an edge needs this beauty in their setup. Planet Eclipse hit a home run with the Geo 4. It’s my new secret weapon!

The Spool Valve 

Gripping the Geo 4 fresh out of the box, I was eager to experience the renowned IV Core bolt and spool valve system. Gassing up my tank, I pulled the trigger for the first time—an astonishingly smooth and gentle shot!

The Geo 4 delivered consistent pops with a minimal sound signature, unlike the harsh cracks from other markers. The efficiency was phenomenal as well, delivering over 1000 shots from a 4500 psi fill. Planet Eclipse perfected spool valve technology with the Geo 4’s unique bolt system.


With the Geo 4 shoulder and my hands wrapping the rubberized grips, this marker immediately felt like an extension of my body. The forged 7000-series aluminum frame provided a perfect balance of stability and maneuverability.

With zero trigger side-play and an ideal pull weight, the Geo 4 responded crisply with every movement. Snapping from lane to lane on the field, the ergonomics enabled smooth, rapid target acquisition. The Geo 4 convinced me that fit and handling are critical for gaining a competitive edge.


Throughout a grueling day of scenario games, the Geo 4 stood up to endless combat thanks to the IV Core bolt’s reliability and resilience. Best of all, field maintenance was a breeze with the tool-less bolt removal design.

A quick twist let me access the entire firing assembly within seconds between games. Reassembling the Geo 4 proved just as fast and straightforward. The hassle-free maintenance meant I could keep the Geo 4 shooting consistently all day long.

The Geo 4 provides everything needed for tournament dominance: smooth precision, unbeatable ergonomics, and easy maintenance. Planet Eclipse nailed it! The affordable Planet Eclipse Emek mechanical marker also encapsulates the premium performance and reliability the company is known for.


One of the things that impressed me about the Geo 4 is how customizable it is for players looking to tailor it to their style. The marker comes configured from the factory, ready for tournament action. But Planet Eclipse offers numerous accessories that allow you to truly make the Geo 4 your own.

The two-piece barrel design means you can experiment with a variety of barrel backs to find your ideal length and bore size. I tested everything from 12 to 16-inch barrels with 685 to 693 bores to tune both sound signatures and shot consistency to different paints. The barrel kits also allow mixing and matching collar colors for aesthetics.

While the stock trigger is phenomenal with its dual-bearing design, aftermarket triggers can provide even more tunability. I installed a Blade trigger, which allowed me to fully adjust pre- and post-travel hair trigger lengths along with pull force. Installing an adjustable trigger let me tweak the Geo 4’s trigger response to my exact shooting style.

To complement the barrel and trigger upgrades, Geo 4 body kits are available with different frame panels and grip textures to create a unique look. Whether you want more pronounced stippling for ultimate traction or a specific color pattern that matches your team, the body kits enable full customization.

Upgrading the Geo 4 with barrels, triggers, and body panels ensured I could build this marker to exactly match my preferences. The extensive aftermarket support provides the personalization that competitive players seek when investing in a high-end gun. Planet Eclipse made the Geo 4 a versatile platform.


When pitted against other $1000+ electrons on the hyperball field, the Geo 4 shines through with exceptional performance. The smooth IV Core bolt enables great shot-to-shot consistency. The bearing trigger provides a lightning-fast response.

And the forged aluminum frame is robust yet nimble enough for snap shooting. No matter the weather conditions or paint quality, the Geo 4 will compete at the highest level. The high-end Planet Eclipse CS2 marker is also built for tournament dominance.

Shooting Test: IV Core

To put the Geo 4’s IV Core bolt and spool valve system through its paces, I decided a full day of shooting tests was in order. I started on the range, airing up the tank and ripping rope after rope downfield.

Immediately, it was clear the IV Core bolt lived up to its reputation. Every shot had that signature silky smoothness, with a gentle shot feel and minimal sound signature. Velocity consistency was excellent as well, providing match-grade precision.

Moving to walking drills and shooting on the move, the Geo 4 impressed yet again. The IV Core bolt cycled rapidly enough to maintain accuracy even when snap-shooting from a dead sprint. Standing still and ramping, it achieved over 15 balls per second with no falloff in power or precision. No matter how fast my fingers went, the IV Core bolt kept pace.

But the real test came after thousands of shots, blistering downrange in full auto. Even after several cases of paint, the Geo 4 never hiccuped, chopped, or failed to fire. The IV Core and Gamma Core drivetrains maintained flawless function through intense rapid-fire scenarios that would jam lesser markers.

Testing also proved the IV Core bolt produces exceptional efficiency, consistently delivering over 1000 shots on a 4500 psi fill. Notably, it achieved similar smooth performance across both high-end tournament and lower-grade field paint. The Geo 4 never failed to impress with the IV Core’s handling.

By the day’s end, it was clear the IV Core bolt lived up to its reputation. Smooth, gentle, reliable, and efficient—this bold innovation delivers exactly what players desire to compete at the top level. Planet Eclipse got it right!

Pros And Cons


  • incredible smooth and consistent firing from the IV Core bolt 
  • Minimal sound signature and recoil
  • Easy maintenance with tool-less bolt removal
  • Great ergonomics and handling
  • Fast response thanks to dual-bearing trigger
  • Efficient operation for long shot counts per fill 
  • Durable and reliable construction  
  • Fully customizable with aftermarket parts
  • high-end tournament performance right out of the box


  • No tool-less access to the battery compartment
  • The trigger has slight side play after extended use
  • Only available in mono-tone finishes, no cool colorways
  • A small hex key is required for velocity adjustment
  • Advanced spool valves require more lubrication 

Overall, the Geo 4 delivers premium performance and innovative technology in a tournament-ready package. Aside from the price tag, its few quibbles are minor. For any serious player demanding the best, the Geo 4 brings next-level speed, smoothness, and consistency. This marker is built for victory.

Final Thoughts

After extensive use of the Geo 4 on the hyperball field, I’m convinced this is one of the finest tournament-caliber markers ever created. Planet Eclipse pulled out all the stops to engineer this platform. Every component oozes quality in pursuit of maximized performance.

The forged 7000-series aluminum construction provides the perfect balance of durability and maneuverability that competitive players require. The IV Core bolt stands as a crowning achievement, eking out unprecedented smoothness and gentle shot feel from a spool valve system. The ergonomics, like the rubberized grip, keep the Geo 4 planted and responsive during slides and sprints.

Maintenance and cleaning are simple thanks to innovations like tool-less access. The inclusion of high-end features like dual-bearing triggers demonstrates attention to detail. And the ability to customize the Geo 4 to your style provides long-term adaptability.

While the Geo 4 commands a premium price, it delivers uncompromising quality and excellence worthy of investment. This marker immediately elevates your game through silky precision, speed, reliability, and unmatched refinement. It represents the pinnacle of geoengineering. Any player demanding the best deserves the Geo 4 in their hands. This is my ultimate tournament weapon of choice.


How does the Geo 4 perform?

With the IV Core bolt’s ultra-smooth spool valve operation, the Geo 4 performs phenomenally. Every shot has a gentle “pop” with minimal sound signature, vibration, or recoil.

It’s easy to achieve great accuracy thanks to the consistent shot-to-shot performance. Even at maximum rates of fire over 15 bps, it maintains precision handling.

How easy is it to maintain the Geo 4?

Field maintenance couldn’t be simpler thanks to the tool-less bolt removal system. Just twist a lever, and the entire firing assembly slides out for cleaning and lubrication in seconds. No tools are required! This quick access helps keep the Geo 4 shooting consistently all day long.

What makes the Geo 4 a good tournament marker?

The Geo 4 comes equipped with high-end tournament features out of the box. The dual-bearing trigger provides the crisp response needed for fast shooting. The forged 7000-series aluminum body is durable yet lightweight for maneuvers.

And customization options like barrel and trigger kits allow you to tailor it to your game. It has everything needed to compete at the top level.

How does the Geo 4 shot compare to other markers?

The Geo 4 has the smoothest shot quality I’ve ever experienced thanks to the expertly engineered IV Core spool valve bolt system. It provides a gentle firing experience that rivals or exceeds any other $1000+ paintball pistol on the market today, in my opinion. Nothing else compares to the Geo 4’s signature silky shot.

Is the Geo 4 beginner-friendly?

While the Geo 4 excels in tournament play, its smooth, precision shooting also makes it a great choice for beginners looking for a gun that will grow with their skills. The spool valve system is forgiving on low-grade paint. And the ergonomics promote great handling. The Geo 4 can take a beginner to a pro level.

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