Planet Eclipse CS2 Review – The best marker ?

It was a picture-perfect sunny day at the paintball field when I finally got my hands on Planet Eclipse’s flagship tournament marker, the CS2. This high-end electronic has been gaining lots of buzz for its premium performance and innovations. As I aired it up and felt the supple grips, I was eager to see if the CS2 lived up to its reputation.

Right off the bat, in the target range, the CS2 impressed me with its gentle shot. The spool valve operation gave it an ultra-smooth pop with a minimal sound signature. I was able to achieve dime-sized groupings at 50+ feet, already blown away by its precision.

Running some snap shooting drills, the CS2 responded crisply even at high rates of fire. The trigger had zero side play and a light touch. In PSP ramping mode, it unleashed a seamless stream of paint at over 20 balls per second! The CS2 could hang with any top-tier marker when trading paint.

What also stood out was the easy maintenance and tool-less access. I was able to clean the two-piece barrel and bolt in minutes between games. Details like the quick-fill air system and OLED screen added to the quality feel.

After a grueling day testing its durability and speed, I was left thoroughly amazed by the CS2. It lives up to the hype as Planet Eclipse’s best electro ever crafted. The attention to detail in design is obvious; the CS2 shoots straighter, faster, and smoother than anything I’ve tried before.

Any tournament player would gain an instant edge with this superstar marker in their hands. The CS2 has set a new high bar—it’s the closest thing to a perfect paintball gun I’ve seen.

Engine: Easy To Maintain

The first thing I noticed was the excellent fit and finish. The forged aluminum body felt solid, balanced, and lightweight. Gripping the super-soft rubber wrap grip, the CS2 came up smoothly into my shoulder pocket. Everything about it oozed quality engineering and machining.

After airing it up, I snapped off some shots at the plywood target. The gentle spool valve shot was an ear-pleasing “pop” compared to harsher electropneumatics. I was soon drilling the bullseye effortlessly from 75 feet away. The two-piece barrel creates a perfectly honed paintball every time.

Running a full hopper on full auto, the CS2 rips at an insane rate of fire of over 20 bps. The advanced Gamma Core engine smoothly cycles the bolt assembly even at max speed. I also loved how quick and tool-less it was to disassemble the breach for swabbing during rapid-fire sessions.

Testing the CS2 that day was a treat. It immediately impressed me with its balanced form, precision accuracy, and blistering speed. The easy maintenance and quick-access design show that Planet Eclipse put a lot of thought into making this a true pro-level tournament marker. Any player looking for the ultimate competitive edge needs to get their hands on a CS2. This is the Ferrari of paintball guns!

Visual Impression

As I cracked open the sleek black case, my eyes went wide, seeing the CS2 neatly nested inside. This was a work of paintball artistry. The raven-black anodized aluminum body perfectly contrasted the blood-red accents adorning the grip frame and trigger. While exhilarating, paintball can often leave you with some nasty bruises.

Check out this guide on how to avoid paintball bruises for great tips on protecting yourself on the field. With some caution and preparation, you can play hard and minimize the post-game soreness. For now, though, I eagerly grabbed the CS2, admiring its aggressive contours and eager to put this high-performance marker to the test on the field!

Engraved insignia along the side further showcased masterful attention to aesthetic detail. Hefting the CS2, the robust forged construction felt solid yet nimble. The grip fits like a glove, with pronounced stippling allowing maximal traction without inhibiting feel.

Gazing down the two-piece barrel, the honed interior promised precision performance. Inspecting it from all angles, the CS2 looked the part of a premium tournament marker, exuding an aura of lethal elegance and reliability.

This was a marker built for victory. With the CS2, Planet Eclipse made no compromises; it looked, felt, and shot like a champion. Just holding it inspired confidence that I’d have the upper hand in any match.

CS2 vs. CS1:

Lining up the CS1 and CS2 side by side, the evolution in design was apparent. While the CS1 launched Planet Eclipse into the high-end electronic market, the CS2 refined the platform to new heights.

The mono-block construction on the CS2 trimmed excess weight while retaining a robust feel. The redesigned grip optimizes ergonomics for stability and comfort. Small touches like the quick-access lever and OLED board pushed the CS2 ahead. Breaking both markers down, the tool-less maintenance on the CS2 shined through.

Swapping the bolt systems, the Gamma Core’s smooth glide was a key upgrade. Bringing them onto the field, the CS2’s gentle shot and precision handling gave it the winning edge. Testing its rapid-fire, the CS2 clearly outpaced its predecessor with a higher maximum rate of fire.

By day’s end, while the CS1 held its own, the CS2 proved the next evolution in terms of balance, speed, and ergonomics. For top-level tournament players, the CS2 brings modern refinements that inch closer to the ideal setup.

Planet Eclipse found ways to enhance nearly every component, creating the finest electrolyte ever made. The CS2 is to the CS1 what a Porsche 911 Turbo S is to the standard model—an undeniable performance upgrade. Similarly, the new Planet Eclipse Etha 2 demonstrates impressive upgrades over the original Etha marker.

While retaining the reliability and ease-of-use of the Etha, the Etha 2 incorporates technology from Planet Eclipse’s high-end markers for improved performance. The shot quality is smoother and more consistent thanks to the Gamma Core drivetrain.

And the lightweight yet durable construction can hold up to intensive play. Planet Eclipse took an already outstanding mid-range marker in the Etha and managed to enhance nearly every aspect with the Etha 2. It represents an undeniable advancement in performance and value. Just like the CS2 improved upon the CS1, the new Etha 2 sets the bar even higher for mid-priced electros.

Electronics: Eye covers, Screen settings, USB port

Stepping up to the firing line, I flicked the power switch and watched the OLED screen glow to life, showing the CS2 was locked and loaded. A few button clicks let me toggle between uncapped semi and 15+ bps ramping modes—everything I needed for speedball dominance.

Peering downrange, I snapped the anti-chop eye covers in place, knowing the CS2 could now feed as fast as I could possibly shoot without fear of breaks. With this high-tech combination of aluminum and polymers, I realized the CS2 was built for competitive excellence.

But the electronics take it to another level. Being able to monitor shot count, rate of fire, and battery level in real time is invaluable. And the ability to download shot data via USB after a long tournament day provides the feedback I need to analyze and improve my game.

The CS2’s electronics package shows Planet Eclipse cuts no corners. Only the best technology for the best players. Out on the X-ball field, gunfighting at 20 paces, those electronics ensure every trigger pull will send a paintball downrange without fail.

That’s the kind of reliability I need when trophies and cash are on the line. The CS2 turns technology into a competitive advantage.

Performance, Efficiency and Shot Quality

Stepping onto the field with the CS2 in hand, I was locked in the zone. This is what I trained for. Pressing the bottle to my tank, I heard the satisfying hiss as the marker filled with high pressure air. Gripping the textured composite frame, I flicked off the safety.

It was time to lay paint. My first trigger pull sent a ball rocketing downrange, a near-silent shot with flawless consistency. Snapping lane to lane, the CS2 was a mechanical maestro, every movement fluid and precise. At full sprint, I could hit quarter-sized gaps between bunkers.

In close, its hair trigger response let me overwhelm opponents with sheer volume. And the efficiency was phenomenal—easily 1400 shots on a 68/45 fill. No matter the pace, the CS2 rose to the occasion.

It became an extension of my reflexes, executing every command with pinpoint obedience. This marker amplified my focus, while vanishing from consciousness the moment paint went downrange. By day’s end, my muscles ached while the CS2 begged for more.

Together, we were an unstoppable force thanks to our unwavering shot quality and poise. The CS2 will wring every ounce of performance from my skill and training. This is what being a competitor feels like.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Planet Eclipse CS2 highlighted:

Forged 7000-series aircraft grade aluminum construction feels solid yet lightweight 

Rubber wrapped grips: optimal texture and ergonomics for stability and comfort

Tool-less access to bolt and breach; quick maintenance for heavy fire scenarios

Gamma Core drivetrain: smooth, gentle shot with excellent air efficiency

The maximum rate of fire is over 20 bps, which keeps up with even the fastest trigger fingers

Dual anti-chop eyes prevent breaks during rapid fire sequences

OLED screen tracks vital stats: always know shot count, rate of fire, and battery level

USB port for shot data analysis; download stats to study and improve games.

Multiple adjustable firing modes: dial in settings for any tournament league

Quiet spool valve operation; great acoustic signature without excessive harshness

A two-piece barrel for precision delivers consistency and accuracy right out of the box

With pro-grade features like these, it’s easy to see why CS2 dominates tournament fields worldwide. This marker provides everything needed to gain a true competitive edge.

Pros and Cons


  • A buttery smooth shot makes hitting tight snap shots easy
  • Rapid fire capability keeps up with my fastest trigger finger  
  • Easy bolt removal for quick cleaning between points
  • OLED screen tracks rate of fire, shot count, and battery level
  • Comfortable wrap-around rubber grips fit my hands great
  • Efficiency is phenomenal – over 1000 shots per 68/45 fill
  • Minimal vibration and recoil for fast follow-up shots  


  • Pricey: one of the most expensive markers available
  • No tool-less access to the battery
  • A slight trigger sideplay develops after heavy use
  • A small hex key needed to adjust velocity 

The CS2 is hands-down my favorite tournament marker right now. The silky performance and speed give me confidence that I have a competitive edge. There are a few minor downsides, but the overall quality is worth the premium price. This gun performs flawlessly when trophies are on the line.

Final Thoughts

After extensive field testing and spending many long tournament days with the CS2 by my side, I’m more impressed than ever with this phenomenal electro. Simply put, Planet Eclipse created their masterpiece in CS2.

The forged 7000 series aluminum exoskeleton proves robust enough for any abuse I can dish out. Yet the skeleton remains nimble and balanced thanks to lightweight engineering. The Gamma Core might be the smoothest and most reliable spool valve engine I’ve ever fired. Maintenance is a snap thanks to tool-less access. And the electronics provide real-time feedback, which is critical for a competitive edge.

Yes, the CS2 commands a premium price. But that investment buys you no compromises. This marker provides everything a tournament player needs to gain an advantage over opponents. The performance is silky perfection. The quality is unparalleled. The design is highly evolved.

Newer guns may bring incremental benefits as technology advances. But with the CS2 in hand, I never question if my equipment is holding me back. Each time I air it up, I know this marker will comply with lightning speed and unwavering precision.

The CS2 shoots like an extension of my reflexes, providing the competitive boost elite players demand. It embodies the pinnacle of Planet Eclipse’s engineering and manufacturing prowess. For those serious about competing and winning events, the CS2 belongs in your gearbag. It is simply iconic—a platform that redefines just how good a paintball marker can be.

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