Places to Go Paintballing in Chicago | 2023 Guide

I’m always on the hunt for exciting things to do in Chicago. Lately, I’ve gotten really into paintballing in Chicago. It gives me such a rush dodging behind bunkers while my friends and I shoot paint-filled pellets at each other!

Chicago has some awesome paintball fields where I can work on my tactical skills and have a total blast. As a beginner, I was worried it would be too intense, but the local fields are perfect for all levels.

Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned pro, paintballing is such a thrill. The adrenaline really gets pumping as you develop strategies with your teammates and try to outwit the opposition.

If you’re looking for an action-packed activity in Chicago, i highly recommend checking out the area’s paintball fields. With the right gear and attitude, you’re sure to have an absolute ball, like I do! It’s the perfect thing to do with friends or family for a one-of-a-kind experience. i highly recommend to another paintball place to go for paintballing. Click here

Badlandz Paintballing in Chicago Field

One of my favorite paintball fields near Chicago is Badlandz Paintball in Crete, Illinois. It’s just a short drive from the city, but it feels like you’re in another world! Badlandz has over 400 acres of playing fields, so there’s tons of room for awesome games.

They have wooded areas that are great for tactical team battles where we sneak through the trees, stalking each other. For fast-paced action, I love their wide, open speedball fields, where we scramble for cover behind inflatable bunkers.

Badlandz also has really creative scenario fields with cool themes like a city with buildings, medieval castles, and mock military bases. Every time I go, it’s a totally new experience! The variety of fields makes sure my friends and I never get bored. If you want intense, thrilling paintball battles near Chicago, you have to check out Badlandz. It’s the perfect spot for players of all levels to have a blast!

Power Paintballing in Chicago

Another one of my favorite Chicago paintball spots is Power Paintball. It’s great because they welcome all ages and skill levels, so as a beginner, I never feel out of place. Safety is their top priority, which I really appreciate. They have indoor and outdoor fields, so we can play no matter what the weather’s like. 

The outdoor fields are awesome; they have wooded areas for intense tactical battles and open speedball fields where we sprint between inflatable bunkers. When the weather’s bad, we take the fun inside to their climate-controlled arena. The staff is really helpful too; they taught me how to safely use the rental gear and guns as a new player.

Power Paintball has tons of different game types and scenarios to choose from, so I never get bored. It’s just a super fun and welcoming environment. I’ve learned so much about paintball strategy there while making great memories with friends. For anyone new to the sport in the Chicago area, I definitely suggest starting out at Power Paintball. They’ll have you chasing thrills in no time!

Paintball Explosion

For the most intense paintball experience near Chicago, I always head to Paintball Explosion in East Dundee. The name really says it all—this place is an explosive good time! They have awesome outdoor fields set up like a war zone with burned-out cars and bombed-out buildings.

It really feels like you’re in the middle of a movie battle! When the weather’s bad, we take it inside, where they have turf fields for fast-paced games out of the elements.

Paintball Explosion is great for new players like me. The refs are super helpful with explaining safety and how to use the equipment. I’ve never felt out of my depth, even as a beginner. My friends and I have made so many fun memories running around the incredible fields, laughing, and trying to splatter each other with paint.

If you really want to experience intense, heart-pounding paintball near Chicago, Paintball Explosion is the place to go. The post-apocalyptic fields create such an immersive experience. I always leave exhausted but wanting more—it’s that amazing!


One paintball field I always recommend near Chicago is Blastcamp in Hobart, Indiana. This place is so unique because it’s located on the site of an old missile base from the Cold War! Getting to play paintball surrounded by actual abandoned military buildings and vehicles is such an incredible experience. It really transports you to another world.

Blastcamp does an amazing job turning the base into a paintball paradise. We can play tactical games, darting between structures, or have all-out speedball battles in the open yard. The variety of terrain keeps every match exciting and different.

The staff is fantastic about safety, so new players feel comfortable. They also have rental gear, which is great for beginners like me. I love getting to run around and dive behind sandbags or army trucks as we try to capture each other’s flags.

Nowhere else can you play paintball quite like Blastcamp, thanks to the authentic military setting. It’s a must-visit for paintball lovers near Chicago looking for action, history, and fun all rolled into one!

RHC Paintball Fields

One of my favorite paintball spots near Chicago is RHC Paintball Fields, located in DeKalb, Illinois. Their fields have all different types of terrain, which keeps games exciting. There are wooded areas perfect for tactical team play when we need to sneakily ambush each other.

They also have wide, open fields with inflatable bunkers for intense speedball matches. Whether I’m in the mood for fast-paced action or more strategic woodsball, RHC has it all.

What I really love about RHC is their awesome staff. They go out of their way to make sure everyone has fun and feels included. As a beginner, I never feel out of place since the refs take time to explain the rules and help me with gear and guns.

They also set up games well-suited for different skill levels. My friends and I have had so many laughs and great memories at RHC over the years, thanks to their excellent fields and welcoming vibe. For a top-notch paintball experience near Chicago that welcomes all levels, RHC Paintball Fields is my number one recommendation!

Other Notable Paintball Fields in Chicago

There are so many awesome paintball fields and parks around Chicago! Beyond the ones I already talked about, here are a few more that I highly recommend checking out:

Hollywood Sports Park in Bellwood is really cool. They have movie and TV-themed fields, so it feels like you’re battling inside your favorite shows!

Fox Paintball in Newark has a good mix of wooded and open terrain. It’s a great spot for fast-paced games with inflatable bunkers.

Legacy Adventure Park in Lockport is perfect for beginners. The staff is super helpful, and they keep the focus on fun over competition.

No matter where you go paintballing near Chicago, you’re sure to have a blast dodging paintballs and bonding with friends. I’m always on the lookout for new fields to test my skills and tactics. Chicago has such an amazing paintball scene, with options for all ages and skill levels. If you’re seeking thrills, you have to grab your gear and check out the local fields!

In Summary

As a huge paintball fan living in Chicago, I’m so lucky to have amazing fields and parks right in my backyard. We’re talking top-notch places for exciting games, no matter what type of experience you’re after. Badlandz has those massive wooded fields, perfect for tactical team battles.

Blastcamp lets you feel like you’re in a movie playing on a real military base. Each field has its own unique vibe, so I never get bored. Whether I want to blast inflatable bunkers playing speedball or sneak through the trees on a woodsball course, Chicago’s got it covered.

Paintballing here is such a thrill any time I can get out with friends or family. It’s great for birthdays, bachelor parties, or just casual fun with the squad. I’ve made so many memories diving behind cover, dodging paintballs, and ambushing other teams.

Chicago just has the best options when it comes to quality fields for total beginners or seasoned veterans. If you’ve never tried it, definitely take the leap! Get ready to push your limits and have an absolute blast in the process. This city is a paintball paradise.

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