Places To Go Paintballing In Wisconsin | 2023 Guide

Wisconsin, with its lush landscapes and adventurous spirit, offers a plethora of exciting paintballing destinations for enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-pumping action.

Whether you’re a seasoned paintball veteran or a newcomer to the sport, the Badger State has something to offer everyone. Let’s explore some of the top places to go paintballing in Wisconsin in 2023.

1. The Siege Paintballing in Wisconsin

“If you’re looking for an awesome outdoor paintball experience in Wisconsin, I highly recommend checking out The Siege in Mukwonago. During my recent visit, I was blown away by the variety of fields they have set up for different skill levels and game types.

As a more casual recreational player, I had a blast with my friends running through the elaborate themed fields, dodging enemies, and splattering paint.”

But I also saw they have courses perfect for competitive team practices with more strategic bunkers and layouts. The staff does an amazing job keeping all the props and inflatables in flawless shape, so the fields always look top-notch. The referees are friendly and laidback too. They focused on safety but let us have fun at our own pace and level.

With options for recreational play up to tourney practice, outstanding facilities, and a welcoming vibe, it’s no wonder The Siege is considered one of the premier paintball venues in Wisconsin. I had an absolute blast and can’t wait to rally the crew for a return visit!

2. Splat Tag Paintballing In Wisconsin Park

If you find yourself looking for top-notch paintball near Minneapolis or St. Paul, I highly recommend making the trip to Splat Tag Paintball Park in nearby Hudson, Wisconsin. This huge 600-acre facility lets you experience all different types of paintball environments.

As a beginner, I had a blast sneaking through the densely wooded courses and trying not to get ambushed. But when I wanted fast-paced action, the wide open fields with inflatable bunkers were perfect for sprinting and diving.

Their variety of terrain, from forests to villages to military-style props, keeps every game intense and interesting. My friends and I were able to challenge ourselves in new ways based on which immersive field we chose. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn tactics or an experienced player wanting to test your skills, Splat Tag has fields suited for all levels.

The sheer diversity and scale make it an absolute must-visit for paintball players in the Twin Cities metro area. After an unforgettable day full of paint-splattering excitement there, I know I’ll be back soon!

3. Commando Paintball Sports

If you’re looking for a stellar paintball park in Wisconsin, check out Commando Paintball Sports in Little Suamico. As a new paintballer, I was relieved they take safety so seriously while keeping the focus on fun.

We were able to totally immerse ourselves in running through the creatively themed fields without worrying. Fighting off zombies in the graveyard arena was a highlight! Their referees make sure games stay safe and equipment stays in top condition.

They also provide full rentals, so new players can try it out without making a big investment. With options ranging from target shooting to intense scenario games, Commando Paintball offers something for all ages and skill levels.

My friends and I had an absolute blast diving headfirst into their zombie apocalypse field as a first outing. The balance of safety and fun made for an unbeatable day. We immediately planned our next adventure there! For quality fields with unique themes and solid refereeing, Commando is a top-rated choice.

4. Boneyard Paintball

As a newer paintball player, one of my favorite fields near Sheboygan is Boneyard Paintball in Plymouth. They have a huge selection of terrain options for all skill levels. When I was starting out, I loved playing on their wide, open inflatable speedball fields, where I could practice rapid moves and dives.

Now that I’m getting better, their wooded courses with scattered bunkers are perfect for trying new ambush tactics. Boneyard makes sure beginners like me feel welcome while still providing challenges for experts looking to up their game.

The staff emphasizes fun and safety over rigid rules or intensity. My friends and I have been able to learn and improve at our own pace thanks to their range of fields catering to different abilities.

With options for both recreational play and competitive practice, Boneyard Paintball has become our go-to for exciting games while paintballing in Wisconsin in an inclusive atmosphere. As my skills progress, I appreciate that their variety of fields will continue to provide new ways to challenge myself.

5. Outdoor Adventures: Paintball

If you’re looking for fantastic paintball in the Racine area, Outdoor Adventures Paintball in Burlington is a top choice. Their huge range of field environments makes every visit exciting and different. One day we’re darting down alleyways in their intricate urban areas, and the next we’re stealthily weaving through the woods.

I love how they mix up props, from burnt-out cars to tipped-over buses, so it feels like an action movie set. My friends and I have been going for years because of the variety and creativity of their courses. 

The staff really goes above and beyond to make sure gear is working, rules are followed, and fun is had by all. Their focus on delivering a stellar experience to each player has absolutely earned them a reputation as one of the greatest paintball parks in Wisconsin.

Whether it’s my first time playing or my hundredth, I know I’ll have an amazing day of adrenaline-pumping action at Outdoor Adventures. Their fields constantly keep the gameplay feeling fresh and intense!

6. Battlefield Paintball

As someone newer to paintball, I’ve had an awesome experience at Battlefield Paintball in Milwaukee. They’ve been one of the top parks in the state for years, and now I know why. The staff is really attentive to keeping all the fields and props in great condition.

So I never have to worry about tripping on obstacles or getting hit by a bad paint splatter. The referees also make sure games stay fun and safe for everyone, which I appreciate as a beginner. I’ve never felt overmatched or outgunned against more advanced players.

Battlefield’s commitment to fair play and inclusion makes it the perfect place for new players like myself to learn the ropes while also getting our adrenaline pumping.

With fields and equipment that are always field-ready and a welcoming vibe, it’s easy to see why Battlefield Paintball has been a go-to for Wisconsin paintball fans for so long. Their attention to creating a fun and level playing field keeps me coming back.

7. Apocalypse Paintball

Located in Poynette, Apocalypse Paintball features an assortment of dynamic playing fields that cater to players of all ages and skill levels. The park’s welcoming staff and dedication to safety ensure a fantastic time for paintball enthusiasts.

8. Promised Land Sports Park

Promised Land Sports Park in Conover offers an expansive paintball field amidst the beautiful Northwoods landscape. With both wooded and open areas, players can test their skills and strategize to claim victory in thrilling paintball battles.

9. The Edge Paintball Experience

In Janesville, The Edge Paintball Experience is a go-to destination for paintball fun. With multiple playing fields and friendly referees, players can enjoy a range of scenarios and challenges.

10. Twin Cities Paintball

Located near the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, Twin Cities Paintball in Baldwin offers top-notch facilities and a variety of playing fields. The park’s focus on customer satisfaction and safety ensures a memorable paintball adventure.

11. Wildman Outdoor Adventures

Wildman Outdoor Adventures, nestled in Niagara, Wisconsin, is renowned for offering a wide range of outdoor adventures, including an adrenaline-pumping paintball experience. With diverse playing fields that encompass wooded terrain and challenging obstacles, players can immerse themselves in action-packed scenarios. The park’s friendly and knowledgeable staff ensure a seamless and enjoyable paintball adventure for all visitors.

12. Stalker Games

Located in Berlin, Stalker Games prides itself on providing players with an exceptional paintball experience. From recreational players to competitive teams, Stalker Games offers a variety of fields and scenarios to suit different preferences. Their emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship fosters a positive and engaging atmosphere for all participants.

13. Milton Paintball Park

Milton Paintball Park, situated in Milton, Wisconsin, is a haven for paintball enthusiasts seeking thrilling battles and memorable moments. The park’s commitment to player safety and well-maintained equipment ensures a worry-free experience on their diverse playing fields.

14. Action Sports Wisconsin

Action Sports Wisconsin in Spooner caters to players seeking a unique and action-packed paintball adventure while paintballing in Wisconsin. The park’s wooded battlegrounds and challenging obstacles set the stage for intense battles and strategic maneuvers. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive enthusiast, Action Sports Wisconsin promises an exciting day of paintball fun.

15. Jungle Cat Paintball

Jungle Cat Paintball, located in Waukesha, boasts expansive playing fields that offer players a variety of tactical opportunities. From fast-paced speedball arenas to dense wooded zones, Jungle Cat Paintball provides a well-rounded and immersive paintball experience.

16. Superior Paintball

Superior Paintball in Superior, Wisconsin, welcomes players of all experience levels. The park has a variety of fields and high-quality gear to make your day of paintballing an unforgettable experience.

17. Grand Valley Adventures

Situated in Holmen, Grand Valley Adventures features well-designed playing fields that offer engaging scenarios for players to enjoy. The park’s dedication to safety and attentive staff ensure a positive and enjoyable paintball outing.

18. Tactics: Paintball And Laser Tag

Tactics Paintball and Laser Tag in Manitowoc offers an exciting mix of paintball and laser tag adventures. With various themed fields and unique game modes, players can alternate between adrenaline-fueled paintball battles and high-tech laser tag missions.

19. Hidden Valley Paintball

Hidden Valley Paintball in Viroqua offers scenic and challenging playing fields that cater to players of all ages and skill levels. From recreational play to organized tournaments, Hidden Valley Paintball delivers an immersive paintball experience.

20. Vintage Paintball Park

Vintage Paintball Park in Fredonia is a gem for paintball enthusiasts who appreciate historical-themed scenarios and vintage equipment. The park’s attention to detail and dedication to creating immersive experiences transport players to different eras, making for an exciting and memorable day of paintball.


I’ve played paintball all over Wisconsin, and let me tell you, this state is awesome for finding new battles and memorable paintball experiences. Wisconsin has a really wide variety of fun paintball venues to check out. 

Whether you’re just getting started with paintball or you’ve been playing for years and want a new challenge, the fields in Wisconsin have something to offer for paintballing in the state. I’ve had a blast gearing up and going on paintball adventures around the beautiful natural landscapes in Wisconsin while paintballing.

The venues let me play in dense forests, cool rock formations, and old bunkers—there’s so much diversity! No matter your skill level, if you want an adrenaline rush from paintball, I definitely recommend hitting the fields in Wisconsin. I know another great place to go for paintballing in massachusetts City.

The variety of terrain and games available across the state makes every paintball match an exciting new memory! Wisconsin is a top location for any paintball player looking for their next thrilling battle.

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