Luxe TM40 Review – The Smart Beast?

The Luxe TM40 is the latest mouse from Luxe Gaming, known for their high-end and innovative gaming peripherals. As an update to their popular TM30 model, the TM40 brings some exciting new features and improvements.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the design, performance, and functionality of the Luxe TM40 to see if it lives up to its “Smart Beast” nickname.

Inside the Box

Opening up the Luxe TM40 reveals a minimalist black and red box with the mouse front and center under a clear plastic cover. Beneath it lies the quick start guide, a Luxe sticker, and two alternate side grip panels. Overall, the unboxing experience is straightforward yet sleek, much like the mouse itself.

What stands out is the design and shape of the TM40. Luxe went back to the drawing board for an ambidextrous shape versus the right-handed TM30. The mouse has a mid-size profile with gently sloping buttons that fit nicely in the hand.

Two side grips come in the box as well, letting you customize the sides for claw or palm grips. It’s clear Luxe focused heavily on ergonomics and comfort with the TM40.

Look And Feel

Visually, the TM40 retains Luxe’s classy and understated style. The all-black exterior has a soft-touch coating, almost like matte rubber, that feels smooth and comfortable. RGB lighting is limited to a slim LED strip around the bottom and scroll wheel, although you can customize colors and effects in the software.

The overall build quality and materials feel very durable and premium. At 80g, it has a weighted feel and avoids being too light. Moving parts like the scroll wheel and clicks have crisp, defined actuations as well. It’s clear the TM40 was built to last through thousands of gaming sessions.

Redesigned Core

Inside the new ambidextrous shell, Luxe redesigned the mouse from the ground up. The TM40 uses their latest Quicksand optical sensor, capable of 18,000 DPI. Tracking was consistently flawless across all DPI levels and mousing surfaces in my experience. The quicksand sensor lives up to its reputation here.

New dropshot optical switches offer improved click feel and response times. They felt snappy and responsive without being hair-trigger sensitive. For connectivity, Luxe went with an updated ephemeral wireless system using a USB dongle.

I never experienced any connectivity drops or lag, even hours into long gaming sessions. The TM40 felt like a wired mouse in terms of stability.


All the updates and new tech deliver where it matters: in-game performance. The TM40 performed exceptionally well across all genres, including FPS, MOBA, and MMO. The lightweight ambidextrous design lent itself well to both claw and palm grips for aiming precision.

The quicksand sensor offers extremely accurate tracking even when making fast movements and flicks. I also appreciated the grippy side panels during intense gaming moments. The optical switches remained consistent and responsive even under heavy clicks and rapid ability usage.

Overall, the TM40 provides top-tier performance, perfect for gaming. Similarly, the new Shocker SP Amp paintball marker provides unmatched accuracy and responsiveness on the paintball field.


As mentioned earlier, Luxe clearly put a lot of thought into the ergonomics of the TM40. The ambidextrous shape accommodates left- and right-handed gamers equally well. The sloped thumb valleys and curved sides allow multiple grip styles without compromising comfort.

I especially liked the textured side grip options. The smoother panel worked better for claw grips and rapid movements, while the rubberized grip provided more stability for palm grips.

This level of adjustability is welcome for finding your ideal fit. At 80g, the TM40 strikes a nice balance between being lightweight yet still having enough heft.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent ambidextrous shape with great ergonomics 
  • Quicksand’s 18K DPI sensor offers flawless tracking
  • Lightweight 80g design with smooth matte coating
  • Dropshot optical switches feel snappy and responsive
  • Customizable side grip panels for different hold styles
  • Lag-free and stable wireless performance


  • The price is on the higher side
  • RGB lighting is limited to bottom strip
  • A wireless USB dongle can be easily lost

For gamers looking for a premium wireless mouse, the Luxe TM40 hits all the right notes for performance, comfort, and functionality. The redesigned shape and grip options accommodate a wide range of hand sizes and grip preferences.

Luxe’s latest tech, like the quicksand sensor and updated wireless, delivers excellent responsiveness and stability for competitive gaming. If the price isn’t a deterrent, the TM40 lives up to its billing as a smart beast of a gaming mouse.

Final Thoughts

With the TM40, Luxe Gaming continues to push the envelope in terms of innovation and performance. The complete redesign with a focus on ergonomics pays off with one of the most comfortable ambidextrous mice I’ve used. It really does feel like a smart mouse that disappears in your hands during intense gaming moments.

The upgraded wireless performance nearly matches wired levels, which is impressive. While the price is on the higher end, the TM40 delivers a premium experience and is built to last. If you’re looking for a top-performing wireless mouse, the Luxe TM40 deserves strong consideration with its smart design and beastly specs. Luxe has crafted an impressive successor to the venerable TM30 here.

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