List of Paintball Leagues | 2023

Paintball Leagues I Like Playing In

I’ve played in a bunch of different types of paintball leagues over the years. Here are some of my favorites, especially in Canada, where I’m from.

Canadian Leagues

Some of the top Canadian leagues I really enjoy are the CPPL, the CXBL, and the NPPL. The Canadian Paintball Players League (CPPL) holds awesome tournaments across Ontario and Quebec. It’s got a really fun, competitive vibe.

The Canadian Xtreme Paintball League (CXBL) is known for its intense matches at fields all over Canada. The action is nonstop!

And I can’t forget the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL), which attracts some of the best pro teams from Canada and beyond. Playing in NPPL events is a blast.

Those are just a few Canadian leagues I’ve had a great time competing in. The organized events and passionate paintball community make them special. I’m excited to see what new leagues crop up in the coming years, too!

South And Central American Paintball Leagues

Some other leagues I’ve really enjoyed playing paintball in are located in South and Central America.

The Costa Rican National Paintball League (CNPL) has some excellent jungle-style fields that create cool scenario games. Battling through the Costa Rican wilderness is an adventure!

Down in Colombia, the Colombian National Paintball League (CNLB) brings competitive speedball matches with fast-paced action. The energy at those Colombian tournaments is awesome.

And in Mexico, GAN Paintball holds massive events, drawing the best teams across Latin America. Playing against paintballers from across the region is an incredibly fun challenge.

Those leagues in South and Central America offer really unique experiences, from jungle scenarios to intense speedball showdowns. I’ve made great memories and friends competing in those wonderful Latin American paintball communities.

European Paintball Leagues:

I’ve also competed in some fantastic European paintball leagues over the years that I wanted to highlight.

Some of my favorites have been the Millennium European Paintball Series in France, the NXL Europe with events across the continent, and the Russian Paintball League shooting it out in cool Russian fields.

The Millennium Series has massive 7-man roster tournaments that are an absolute blast. NXL Europe is known for big 5-man speedball competitions and draws excellent talent. And the Russian league brings tough players who push your skills.

Competing across Europe has let me experience so many unique arenas and visit amazing cities. Whether it’s teams from France, Sweden, Russia, or beyond, Europe’s paintball talent never ceases to impress me. Those multi-country leagues definitely rank among my all-time favorites worldwide.

Australian Paintball Leagues

Having competed in paintball leagues across the globe, I’ve got to mention Australia – they’ve got some seriously awesome ones!

A couple of my favorite Aussie paintball leagues are the NXL Australia Series, which attracts top talent from around the country for intense tournaments, and the Paintball Sports Federation league, which has a fun community vibe.

What I love about playing paintball in Australia is the unique fields, like old forts and villages, that create really immersive gameplay. And the Aussies bring great positive energy and camaraderie to every match. 

Whether it’s speedball or scenario games, the action is always fast and furious when playing paintball in Australia. The folks down under know how to make every tournament a memorable experience, both on and off the field. Those Aussie events stand out as some of the most fun I’ve had in my paintball career. The leagues there are absolutely world-class.

Us paintball Leagues

Of course, I’ve got to mention some of the top US paintball leagues that I’ve really enjoyed competing in over the years! Some of my favorites have been in the NXL, where I’ve played in awesome 5-man tournaments across the country. The PSP holds great national events too, with lots of talent. And the WCPPL brings fast action on the west coast.

I also have to shout out the CFOA, America’s oldest league that hosts killer scenario games in cool historical reenactment fields. Those narrative-style matches are a blast.

Competing coast to coast has let me see so many incredible paintball arenas and communities here in the US. I’ve made friends for life by battling players from New York to California. The level of talent nationwide is off the charts. Those American leagues have created unforgettable experiences that make me proud to be a paintballer!

Final Thoughts

I’ve been so fortunate to compete in paintball events worldwide and discover awesome leagues across the globe. While I highlighted some of my personal favorites here, there are tons of established leagues and upstart tournaments constantly popping up that offer great experiences.

The community is what makes paintball leagues so special—being able to bond with fellow paintball fanatics from all walks of life. And the creativity of fields and formats keeps the action fresh and exciting year after year.

Whether it’s my first league match as a novice or competing at a championship today, I love and appreciate being part of paintball’s worldwide community. I can’t wait to see new leagues form and keep exploring treasured favorites.

Most importantly, I’ll never forget the amazing memories and friendships paintball has given me. Our shared love of the game connects us all!

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