How To Clean The Lens Of The Paintball Mask?

Keeping your paintball mask’s lens clean is super important for clear vision during intense paintball games. I wipe mine before and after every round. Start by gently brushing debris off the lens with a microfiber cloth or soft brush. Then, apply a small amount of dish soap diluted with water to a cloth.

Gently scrub the lens in a circular motion to lift off oily paint splatter. You can also use formulas made specifically for lens cleaning. Rinse the soap residue thoroughly with water, then let the lens air dry or pat it with a dry microfiber towel.

Avoid harsh scrubbing or chemicals that could scratch the lens. Take care of your mask, and it will take care of your eyesight when paint is flying!

Use Polycarbonate Spray

Using a polycarbonate spray sealant is a great way to protect your paintball goggles or mask lens. I apply a light coating before each day of play.

The spray bonds to the surface, making it slick, so paint has a harder time sticking. It’s like a raincoat for your lens! Be sure to get a spray made specifically for polycarbonate plastic.

Go lightly to avoid oversaturation and blurry vision. Reapply after cleaning the lens throughout the day. Polycarbonate spray is cheap insurance to maintain clear sight when blobs are flying on the field!

Wipe With A Microfiber Lens Cloth

One of my top recommendations for keeping your paintball mask lenses clean is using a quality microfiber cloth. The soft microfiber fabric lifts dirt, grease, and paint off the lens without scratching. I keep a stash of dedicated lens microfiber cloths in my gear bag and use a fresh one between each round.

Unlike paper towels or regular clothes, microfiber leaves no lint or residue behind. And they’re gentle enough to wipe vigorously when heavy paint splatter needs lifting after an intense match. Having the right specialized cloth makes properly cleaning lenses quick and hassle-free. Don’t play without microfiber!

What Should We Use If Lens Cleanser Is Not Available?

I’ll never forget the time I showed up to a huge paintball tournament and realized I had forgotten my lens cleanser. My goggles were already smeared with greasy paint from the last match.

The on-site pro-shop was closed, and I couldn’t see buying anything. I was about to sit out the next round, but my teammate grabbed his gear bag and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, bro!”

He pulled out a small bottle of Johnson’s baby shampoo, dumped some into a water bottle, shook it up, and said, Here, this will work nicely. I gently wiped down my lenses, and the paint came right off, good as new! I was amazed.

Who knew something as simple as baby shampoo could be a lens-saving hero? I shot better than ever that next round thanks to the crystal-clear vision.

After that, I always toss a travel-size bottle of baby shampoo or small dish soap into my gear bag for lens emergencies. You never know when you’ll need to MacGyver a cleaning solution on the fly.

Vision is everything in paintball, so be prepared to improvise if your usual cleanser lets you down. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to get those goggles game-ready!

Cleaning Practices To Avoid For Paintball Mask Lenses

When cleaning your paintball mask lens, there are some methods I’d recommend avoiding. Never wipe the lens dry without liquid; that can scratch the surface. Don’t use paper towels, tissues, or regular rags that leave lint and debris.

Avoid harsh chemicals, abrasive brushes, or obsessive scrubbing that is too hard; lens coatings can be damaged. One trick I used to do that actually caused damage was blasting foggy lenses with the cold air button on the field chronographs.

While it clears moisture quickly, the freezing air can crack plastic over time. And any remedy involving spit is a big no-no! With the right liquids and microfiber cloths, cleaning paintball lenses is simple. Just be cautious and avoid anything that can cause scratches or wear. Treat the lens gently so it provides flawless vision for seasons of play.

Avoid Using Paper Towels.

When I first started playing paintball, I would just wipe my goggles lenses with regular old paper towels or tissue. It seemed easy and convenient. However, I quickly learned that paper products are too abrasive for plastic lenses.

The rough, fibrous texture can introduce fine scratches that gradually degrade your vision. Paper also leaves behind lint and particles that create more mess.

Now I exclusively use specialized microfiber lens cloths or soft shammy leathers. The smooth, non-abrasive fabrics lift away paint, sweat, and grime without damaging the lens surface.

While paper towels may be handy, they’re just too harsh for repeated cleaning of plastic lenses. Treat your vision right and avoid the paper for a clear paintball view!

Avoid Using Glass Cleaner

When I started paintball, I assumed glass cleaner would be ideal for cleaning my goggles. However, I learned the hard way that most window and glass cleaners contain ammonia or alcohols that can damage plastic lenses over time.

The chemicals that cut through grease on glass slowly degrade the coatings on polycarbonate and acetate lens materials. I now stick to cleaners specifically formulated for paintball mask lenses or diluted dish soap. 

They gently clean without eroding the material over time. While glass cleaner may seem convenient, the ingredients are just too harsh on plastic. Care for your lens by using only cleaners designed for your mask material. The right solution keeps visibility clear and removes paint effortlessly.

Avoid Submerging Your Lens

When cleaning lenses, it’s tempting to just submerge them in water or a cleaning solution to let it soak in. However, I’ve learned this can damage the lens over time.

The adhesives and anti-fog coatings applied to paintball mask lenses can break down if oversaturated and soaked. Now I directly apply a small amount of cleaner to the microfiber and gently wipe.

Don’t let the lens soak or sit for prolonged periods. Quick cleaning and gentle wiping are safest for longevity. While soaking may seem thorough, it risks eroding those specialty treatments that keep your vision crisp. A light touch cleans effectively without putting the lens integrity at risk in the long run.

Can We Wash The Paintball Mask Lens With Water?

While water may seem like an obvious choice for rinsing paintball mask lenses, I actually don’t recommend using plain water to directly clean the lens. Water alone won’t break down and remove oily paint splatter very effectively.

It can even dry out and erode anti-fog coatings over time. Instead, I put a small amount of specialized paintball lens cleaner or mild soap directly on the microfiber cloth, which lifts residue safely.

I’ll rinse the cloth with water occasionally as needed. The soapy cloth cleans, while the water rinse keeps the cloth from getting too saturated.

So in summary, yes, you can rinse your cleaning cloth with water, but don’t use water alone directly on the lens. Pair it with proper cleaners so the lens stays in flawless shape!


Keeping your vision crisp and clear is crucial for peak paintball performance. Taking proper care of your mask lenses ensures they last season after season. By using the right specialized cleaners and techniques, you can remove paint, oil, dirt, and fog quickly and safely.

Just be sure to avoid anything too abrasive or chemicals not formulated for plastic. Treat your lenses as delicately as they deserve, and they’ll provide many years of flawless optics.

Personally, the five minutes I spend cleaning lenses before and after each day of playing keeps me safe and gives me a competitive edge because I can see clearly! Focused vision makes for focused play.

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