Everyone considers cleaning of paintball marker to be the most boring and daunting part of the game. It may well be, but don’t overlook the activity. Maintaining your gun will determine how long it lasts and how often it will perform properly.

If you permit your gun to go out without cleaning for a few days, serious injuries can result, particularly when paintball markers break inside the barrel. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and you’ve got to buy some new parts or some other gun. Avoid costs by providing reasonable care to your Marker.

No one likes a teammate whose gun is continuously jamming or imprecise. It kills the motivation of all the other players in the field. Luckily, you can make your gun work efficiently and precisely just by cleaning it up. However, it’s important how you clean the paintball marker. It’s because each marker is different and requires its own specific method or supplies to be properly cleaned. Luckily, the procedure is clear and easy to understand, and the components are easily accessible.

Tools Required for Cleaning:

Notice that synthetic cleaners, soap, and caustic wet wipes will harm your paintball gun. You need the following in order to achieve the best results:

  • Marker Manual
  • Squeegees
  • Toothbrush/Swabs
  • Lubrification oil and lube
  • Towels of paper
  • Disassembling tools (like Allen keys)
  • Hot water

You’re good to go after getting these materials. Follow these measures attentively:

Steps for Cleaning the Paintball:

Following are some easy steps to clean and maintain your paintball gun.


Once you start working on it, you must also ensure that there really is no gas in your gun. Start taking the gas container out and pick the ASA lever. I if you have a gun without even an ASA lever, go and check the instructions on how and where to de-gas your gun correctly.

Detach your Gun:

Having started with the hopper, detach your gun properly. Erase the bolt, hammer, barrel, and grip frame and set aside each piece from its clamps or shafts as it is erased. It might allow you to put your gun back well together efficiently and rapidly.

Body Cleaning:

Review your instructions first to search out that if you can run the squeegee from the body of the gun or not. if you are able to do this then start with the toothbrush to make sure that the whole body has indeed been washed away to protect any tapping. Once you’ve completed that, wash the skin with a clean cloth to ensure it’s totally dry.

Barrel Cleaning:

Through the squeegee by using the pull clean any stains of paint from the barrel, as it may reduce your precision and may induce tapping. After that, wash the barrel with a wet washcloth and make sure the barrel is properly cleaned and dry.

Cleaning of Hammer and Bolt:

Clean the hammer and the bolt correctly with a paper towel and clean both carefully. Inspect the O-Rings of both parts to see any symbol of corrosion. Even though it’s alright if there’s a tiny percentage of corrosion and any moderate or severe harm is an indication that the parts have to be replaced.

Cleaning of the Grip Frame:

With the toothbrush or Q Tip, remove all dust from the frame grip, but not to try taking the trigger structure away as it is difficult to remove it and also be difficult to put back. You may run the risk of your gun faulty unless you leave it intact. When the grip frame has been cleaned, you should properly dry it and verify it thoroughly for any signs of the problem

Gun Inspection:

You have to start by looking for damage or busting to the O-Rings and removing any symbols of wear and tear. This will prevent air loss as bad quality rings can minimize the speed of your paintballs while spending fuel faster. Afterward, you must inspect all the springs to ensure they’re in good condition and they’re lying smooth. After this, inspect the screws to see whether they display any visible damage or not, change parts that are not in fine shape.

Lubrication of Parts:

After cleaning and drying all the components of your paintball gun, you have to start lubricating all of them with proper interest and care. Gently rub the O-rings but ensure that using only the paintball oil provided by the manufacturer of your gun as a particular kind can pose risks to the parts.

Gun Reassemble:

When you finished lubricating and investigating all the components of your gun, it’s a moment to reinsert it. You need to use the schematic to ensure that the order of assembly is correct and check to make clear that each part is fitted with the appropriate shaft or hose clamp. If you gather your paintball gun appropriately, you can absolutely guarantee that your gun will be in perfect working order.

Essentials for the storage of Gun:

You have to store your paintball marker properly, otherwise, it can easily get damaged. Meet the requirements as below and perform with competence in the field. Detach the ammunition from your weapon and ensure that’s not loaded to storage.

  • Detach the cylinder and remove the gas.
  • Take the shot to ensure the bolt moves forward progressively. Spring damage can be avoided in this way.
  • Bolts and shafts are supposed to be greased up.
  • Analogous to a real gun, ensure there’s protection in the storage room
  • Put some quantity of oil so that no part of the gun can smash.
  • Please ensure your paintball gun is locked in the room and take keys with you.
  • Never let your kids understand where your paintball marker has been hidden.
  • Put your paintballs and canisters in various parts of the home.
  • In order to use the marker, the gun owner should be the only person to arm the marker.
  • Some extra parts are always needed, whether you’re in or out of the field, so it’s important to have a field repair kit along with you. Generally, it includes all things that you required for easy maintenance.


After a day or two cleaning your paintball marker may be a difficult challenge, but do not take it optional. You should pay attention to your gun by brushing and cleaning it correctly and more often than not this ensures that it will support you in the longer term and carry out all tasks properly. Now get motivated and Start cleaning your paintball marker appropriately from today.