How Do Airsoft Grenades Work? (Full Breakdown)

As an airsoft player, I love using Airsoft Grenades to really amp up my combat simulations. The explosions add such an awesome new layer of excitement! The airsoft versions recreate those big fiery blasts and smoky bursts you see soldiers use, but in a safe way, just using noise, pyro effects, and scattering BBs.

Knowing how the different airsoft grenade types work has really helped me use them better in games. I wanted to give a quick overview, explaining the major designs out there and how they create those dramatic explosions without real explosives.

Understanding the inner workings helps you master airsoft grenade tactics. So whether you’re a beginner looking to add explosives to your kit or a seasoned player wanting some new knowledge, let’s break it all down!

BB Scatter Airsoft Grenades

The most common airsoft grenade style showers opponents with dozens of small 6mm plastic BBs. This imitates the shrapnel effects of real explosive grenades. BB shower shells contain 40 to 100 loose BBs inside a cardboard or plastic outer casing.

Pulling the safety pin releases the striker lever, igniting a central primer cap. This small report generates a loud bang of around 120 decibels. It also produces a pressure wave that ruptures the shell, scattering BBs in all directions.

Quality BB shells distribute BBs in a spherical pattern up to 30 feet. They are highly effective for flushing bunkered down opponents out of cover. When using scatter grenades, face protection is mandatory to prevent eye injuries from dispersed BBs. These devices are best thrown into open spaces rather than directly at other players.

Blank-Firing Airsoft Grenades

Blank-firing airsoft grenades create a startling blast effect through an internal blank cartridge. However, they do not contain any BBs or pyrotechnic payloads. The grenade body holds a 9-mm power blank inside. On detonation, the blank fires to produce a deafening 170+ decibel bang along with a bright muzzle flash.

High quality blank shells emulate the sound, flash, and smoke of live explosive grenades. They deliver an intimidating blast wave that reverberates through enclosed CQB environments.

For added realism, some feature mock fragmentation bodies that separate on the strap. Blank firers force opponents to scramble but are less hazardous than pyrotechnic or BB alternatives.

Pyrotechnic Airsoft Grenades

Pyrotechnic grenades use combustible compositions to create intense light, sound, and smoke effects. Inside the outer casing, a primer cap ignites a small amount of flash powder.

This intermediate flash sets off a secondary smoke composition. Colors like red, yellow, green, or white are common. The ignited compound burns to generate dense, colored smoke.

High-quality shells use long-burning formulations to sustain smoke production for 30 seconds or more after detonation. This prolonged marking effect signals attack routes or screened maneuvers.

Along with blinding smoke, the initial deflagration produces a loud bang of around 150 decibels. However, pyrotechnic airsoft grenades lack a BB scatter effect. Vision obscuration is their main role.

Smoke Airsoft Grenades

Smoke grenades are a dedicated pyrotechnic munition optimized solely for generating a smoke screen. They lack any significant concussive blast effect.

Pulling the safety pin ignites an internal composition that burns rapidly. This heats and pressurizes a liquid dye solution contained in the shell.

The resulting high pressure forces this solution to billow out of the grenade vents as a densely colored aerosol. Output lasts around 60–90 seconds.

Smoke grenades excel when players need sustained concealment for longer periods. They enable covert advances or fakeouts without giving away positions through loud blasts.

Vapors are non-toxic, but prolonged exposure in confined rooms should be avoided. Outdoors, smoke shells obscure lines of sight for storming fixed positions.

Airsoft Grenade Shell Construction

Airsoft grenade shells share common components and safety mechanisms. This familiarizes users with proper handling.

The main outer body is commonly made from two halves of ABS plastic joined around the inner contents. Heavyweight cardstock and 3D printed bodies are also options.

A steel lever pin locks the striker lever in the safe position. Removing this safety pin releases the striker, which ignites the grenade when thrown. 

Foam padding minimizes potential ricochets and distributes scatter force. A strong external mesh prevents hull rupture before detonation.

Users should carefully inspect shells for damage before use and follow safety directions. Never hold or re-use dud grenades that fail to initiate.


In the end, airsoft grenades give such awesome dramatic realism that you just can’t get with anything else. The explosions make teams scramble and really change up gameplay tactics. Whether it’s a shower of BBs or clouds of smoke, the effects are so intense!

But safety has to be the top priority when using airsoft explosives of any kind. Proper gear, safe handling, and controlled fields are a must. As long as you take precautions, airsoft grenades can be used carefully to create immersive, combat-like scenarios.

When using any airsoft equipment, safety should always come first. This applies equally to airsoft guns, which can cause injury if misused. Just like with grenades, it’s essential to wear protective eyewear and face masks when engaging in airsoft gun battles. The projectiles fired from airsoft guns can lead to lost eyes or teeth if goggles aren’t worn.

Personally, I think they add a really cool layer of strategy and excitement when used responsibly. It’s all about balancing that realism with proper safety protocols.

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