Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens Review 2023

The Empire Helix Goggles are the next generation of thermal lens technology designed specifically for paintball players. With their modern styling and superior performance, these goggles are a hit among paintballers of all skill levels!

Thermal Lens Technology

Empire Helix Goggles Thermal Lens features a unique “Thermal Lens” technology that ensures that light passes through the lens evenly, providing better clarity and visibility for players.

Not only does this ensure better accuracy with shots, but it also allows paintballers to make quicker decisions about where to move and what to do.

No More Fog

Players no longer need to worry about blurry vision due to fogging or glare. The Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens features a special anti-fog coating that helps prevent fogging of the lens and provides improved vision during intense play.

This allows you to stay focused on your game and play without worrying about your vision becoming obscured by fog.

Durability and Comfort

The Empire Helix Goggles Thermal Lens is designed for maximum durability, making them an ideal choice for paintball players looking for long-lasting performance. The Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens has adjustable straps that are designed to fit any head size and provide an optimal level of comfort.

The foam padding around the eye area helps protect the eyes while providing a snug fit to keep the goggles securely in place. They are also very comfortable and form-fitting, even when wearing glasses.

Great Protection

The Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens is designed to keep your eyes safe in any situation. The resilient lens material offers superior protection against impact, so you can play worry-free.

The lens is also scratch-resistant, which means that your goggles will last longer and you won’t need to replace them as often.

Rigid mask For maximum protection

The Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens is also equipped with a rigid mask for extra protection. This durable construction helps to keep debris and paintballs from entering your eyes, ensuring that you stay safe while playing.

Consumer Reviews Regarding The Empire Helix Goggles

Positive Reviews

Players have reported that the goggles offer superior clarity, visibility, and fog reduction, as well as a comfortable fit regardless of glasses.

The adjustable straps allow users to customize their fit for maximum comfort, while the foam padding around the eye area provides additional protection.

All these are described above!

Negative Reviews

  • Some consumers have complained that the Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens’ dual-density foam can be uncomfortable and often soaks up too much sweat as they play. This can cause the mask to become heavy and may start to irritate the skin after extended wear.
  • The foam padding also has a tendency to lose its shape over time, which can further impact the fit and comfort of the mask.
  • Many consumers have also complained that the Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens lacks adequate ventilation. This can lead to excessive sweating and fogging of the lens, which can severely reduce visibility and make gameplay difficult.
  • The lack of airflow can also cause the goggles to become uncomfortably hot, which can be distracting and unpleasant during intense play.

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