Dye M3+ – A Hands On Review

As a tournament paintball player, I’m always researching the latest gear to give me a competitive edge. Dye’s new M3+ marker caught my attention with its claims of refined performance and high-end features. After getting my hands on this intimidating-looking marker and putting it through live fire tests, I’m blown away at how the M3+ delivers on both form and function.

Aggressive Styling That Means Business

The angular metal frame and exaggerated body lines give the M3+ an undeniably aggressive look. The enlarged foregrip and defined edges resemble a futuristic weapon ripped from a video game. It makes me feel more intimidating strutting onto the field.

While stylized, the M3+ still handles well thanks to the rubberized wrap-around grip and balanced weight distribution. The textured stippling provides grip security even when diving into bunkers.

Competition-Level Accuracy And Consistency

What matters is how a marker performs when fired in anger. Here, the M3+ shines thanks to its competition-tuned inline poppet valve system. The 14-inch, two-piece barrel launches balls with impressive velocity and pinpoint precision. I was able to shoot distant targets easier than ever before.

The unique smooth-shot sound signature is much quieter than other markers, too. Even tuning it to the maximum cyclic rate, it chopped fewer paintballs thanks to the gentle firing operation. No matter the weather conditions, the M3+ shot consistently, round after round. The Dye DSR+ has a similarly smooth and gentle shot quality. With its quiet sound signature and consistency in all conditions, the DSR+ chops fewer paintballs even at high rates of fire.

Bleeding-Edge Features For The Win

Dye pulled out all the stops to pack the M3+ with cutting-edge features. The tool-less disassembly means I can service this marker in mere minutes between matches. The reliable electronics even allow for wireless firmware updating to keep improving performance. The redesigned circuit board enhances shot responsiveness.

The new feed neck profile lets me reload effortlessly from any angle or stance. And the OLED display provides critical status monitoring at a glance. All these innovations combine to make sure my equipment gives me the winning edge.


Right out of the box, the M3+ impresses with its smooth, gentle firing cycle. The inline poppet valve system delivers excellent air efficiency for long battles. The two-piece 14” barrel launches balls with remarkable consistency in velocity and accuracy.

I can easily hit distant targets that other markers would struggle with. Even when tuned for maximum rate of fire, it rarely chops paint or jams up thanks to the refined internals. Regardless of weather, altitude, or paint quality, the M3+ cycles reliably in all conditions.


Dye gave the M3+ an imposing yet comfortable design, perfect for tournaments. The enlarged rubberized foregrip fits naturally in my hands while protecting my fingers from direct impact. The textured grips ensure I maintain control even when diving into bunkers.

The wrapped-around frame is easy to grip from multiple stances for fast transitions. The balanced weight distribution makes handling this marker effortless. Annoyingly heavy tools are a thing of the past. Dye also includes a protective carry case for safe transport and storage.

Trigger System

The adjustable trigger provides a quick, snappy response thanks to the magnetic return. I can tune both the range of motion and activation point to remove unnecessary slack for faster follow-up shots.

The trigger stop allows me to set hair-trigger control if desired. Between the responsive trigger and competition-tuned internals, the M3+ achieves remarkably fast cyclic rates.

Pros And Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the Dye M3+ marker based on my personal experience:


  • Extremely smooth and gentle firing cycle
  • Excellent gas efficiency provides long-play
  • Highly accurate shots with great range
  • Reliable cycling in all weather conditions 
  • Easy and quick disassembly with tool-less design
  • Fast trigger response with magnetic return
  • Durable construction made to last 


  • Very expensive price tag, not entry-level
  • A loud report gives away the shooting position
  • No tool-less velocity adjustment 
  • Smaller grips are not great for large hands

Overall, the M3+ delivers consistent, high-end performance that helps my game, though the cost and complexity make it overkill for recreational play. For serious competitors, the M3+ provides meaningful advantages.

Final Thought

After several months of testing and countless intense matches with the M3+, I’m thoroughly impressed at how this marker performs and represents the pinnacle of tournament play. The gentle firing cycle and refined inline poppet valve system enable a level of smoothness and consistency I’ve yet to experience from any other high-end marker. 

Once tuned properly, the M3+ launches balls with unbelievable precision across long distances. The quiet report conceals my shooting position. Even under heavy fire when ramping at maximum cyclic rates, it rarely chops paint or jams up. This reliability inspires confidence in the heat of battle.

Of course, this level of performance commands a premium price tag. While expensive, I believe the M3+ justifies the cost for competitors seeking every advantage possible. The robust feature set also makes maintenance and enhancement straightforward.

For recreational paintball play, this marker represents overkill. However, the M3+ hits the sweet spot for providing tournament players with an edge over equally skilled opponents. My game has reached a new level after upgrading to the M3+.

I can’t see myself using any other marker for tournaments anytime soon, thanks to its unmatched blend of consistency, accuracy, and gentle operation. The M3+ will remain my go-to weapon as I continue competing at higher divisions.

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