Dye i5 Paintball Mask Review

As an avid paintballer, having a high-quality mask is just as important as my marker. A good mask needs to blend vision, protection, and comfort so I can focus on my game rather than gear.

I was eager to test out the Dye i5 mask after hearing bold claims about its improved lens technology and comfort. After many intense matches wearing the i5, I’m convinced this new mask sets the standard for blended performance.

While it commands a premium price, players looking for a quality paintball mask under $200 have several great options. Affordable masks from trusted brands can still provide excellent protection, breathability, and optics.

Features like interchangeable thermal or anti-fog lenses, a moisture-wicking lining, and adjustable straps ensure comfort and visibility at a reasonable price point.

While it won’t match the cutting-edge tech of flagship models, an abundant selection of proven paintball masks under $200 get the job done reliably for recreational play.

Optical Excellence

The most important job of any mask is to protect my eyes while providing a clear field of view. Here, the i5’s new one-piece thermally cured lens is a game-changer. The panoramic visibility enables better situational awareness, so I can spot enemies attempting to flank.

The optically-correct curve eliminates distortion, so I can accurately judge distances. And the anti-fog coating means I never have to deal with clouded vision, even after long games. The quick-change design also lets me swap lenses in seconds to match varied lighting conditions.

Total Protection 

While the robust lens protects my eyes, the full-head enclosure of the i5 keeps my entire face safe. The mask sits comfortably against my skin using breathable foam that prevents painful welts from high-velocity balls.

The ear covers block out excess noise, so I can better hear teammates’ calls on the field. The over-molded rubber protects the mask exterior from scuffs and dives into bunkers. Throughout many direct hits, the i5 retained structural integrity and never left my face exposed.

Ergonomic Fit

Unlike some masks that squeeze my head, the i5 provides a comfortable, balanced fit. The adjustable strap dials in the ideal tension without pinching. The soft-touch forehead sweatband wicks moisture away.

The enlarged mouth area allows me to breathe naturally, even during strenuous games. The interchangeable foam fit kits ensure players of any face size can achieve a customized fit. I barely notice I’m wearing the i5 during fast-paced matches since it fits so naturally.

For paintballers requiring prescription glasses, a quality paintball mask for glasses provides similar all-day comfort and a natural fit. By integrating frames or slots to securely retain eyewear inside the mask, players can achieve a protected seal without squeezing their heads or moving. The best paintball masks for glasses wearers allow you to forget you have them on and focus on the action.


  • The one-piece, thermally cured lens offers a panoramic field of view with zero distortion. This allows for excellent situational awareness during fast-paced matches.
  • The anti-fog coating on the lens works incredibly well. Even during long games in hot, humid weather, my vision stays crystal clear.
  • The mask provides full face protection thanks to the molded, flexible skirt that seals tightly to my skin. This prevents painful welts.
  • The over-molded rubberized exterior protects the mask from scuffs and damage when diving and sliding.
  • The adjustable strap and interchangeable foam inserts allow for customizing a secure and comfortable fit. It stays snugly in place without squeezing my head.
  • The breathable foam ear covers provide ample protection while still allowing me to hear field calls and teammate instructions.
  • The airflow through the lower section keeps my face cool and prevents lens fogging, even during strenuous games.
  • The quick-change lens design enables me to swap lenses rapidly to match varied lighting conditions.
  • While expensive, the unmatched optical clarity and comfortable protection make the i5 well worth the investment for serious competitors like myself.

Overall, the Dye i5 takes mask performance to the next level. It has become my go-to protection that gives me the confidence to compete without worrying about my gear. The i5 seamlessly blends vision, protection, comfort, and durability into a single mask.


  • The GSR Pro strap system provides 4-way adjustability to dial in the perfect custom fit. The textured rubber also keeps the mask securely in place.
  • The T-Worx quick-change lens mechanism allows lenses to be swapped out within seconds using the simple tab release system. 
  • The injected silicone skirting around the entire mask perimeter provides a soft, flexible seal against the skin for maximum protection.
  • The interior foam liner is anti-microbial and moisture-wicking to keep the interior of the mask dry and comfortable even during extended wear.
  • The venting along the chin and mouth area allows hot air to escape, reducing heat buildup and lens fogging through directed airflow.
  • The screwless exterior and eye-port frame simplifies cleaning and maintenance with fewer moving parts to disassemble.
  • The eyeport offers 270 degrees of horizontal vision and 215 degrees of vertical vision for a true panoramic field of view.
  • The durable Lexan polycarbonate exterior shell can withstand impacts and abuse during hard-core tournament play.
  • The mask is compatible with RF transmitters for communication systems to enable clear team talks on the field.

The more I use the i5 mask, the more thoughtful touches I notice that optimize the experience for competitive players. Dye did their homework when designing a pro-level mask.

Pros And Cons


  • Excellent optical clarity and panoramic field of view
  • A reliable anti-fog coating keeps the vision crystal clear
  • Full face protection from welts and bruising
  • The over-molded exterior withstands dives and slides
  • Customizable fit for all-day comfort and security
  • Venting prevents lens fogging and heat buildup
  • Easy lens swaps allow adaptation to lighting 
  • Durable construction made to last years of play


  • The premium price tag puts it out of reach for many
  • Vision still partially obstructed along the lower edge 
  • Auditory protection could be higher

While not inexpensive, the i5 provides pro-level performance that improves my game through great vision, protection, and comfort. It has become my go-to mask.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Does the lens offer UV protection?

Absolutely. The lens offers full UV400 protection to shield my eyes from harmful rays during long days on the paintball course. I never have to worry about sun damage or eye strain, even after hours of continuous play in bright sunlight. The UV blocking gives me real peace of mind.

Q: How is the vision compared to other high-end masks?

In terms of vision, this mask rivals any high-end model on the market. The wide panoramic lens gives me an unobstructed view of the entire field without any blurring or distortion. I can spot opponents hiding behind bunkers with ease.

The anti-fog coating also keeps my sight crystal clear, even when I’m breathing hard and sweating during intense matches. It’s some of the best visibility I’ve had in any mask.

Q: How long does the anti-fog coating last?

Based on my experience, the anti-fog coating lasts for many months of heavy play before needing to be reapplied. As long as I rinse the mask off after very muddy games, it resists fogging extremely well. I’ve worn this mask in all types of weather, from heat waves to drizzling rain, with great visibility that lasts all season.

Q: Is the sizing adjustable for youth players?

One of my favorite features of this mask is the adjustable strap system, which allows me to customize the fit for younger players. My kids love using my mask during family games because I can tweak the straps to get a snug seal on their smaller heads. The adjustable sizing makes this a great mask for youth and adults alike.

Q: Can you hear and communicate clearly while wearing it?

Absolutely! The mask has great audibility, so I can hear my teammates even in the chaos of battle. The ear protection dampens just enough noise to block dangerous decibel levels from close-range shots, while still allowing voices and shouts to come through crisp and clean.

The mouth vents also direct my voice forward, so I don’t have to yell for teammates to hear me. Communication is easy and effective with this mask, which is crucial for team tactics and safety. I never feel isolated or unable to coordinate with my squad when wearing it.


After relying on the Dye i5 mask for numerous tournaments, it has become my go-to face protection. The unmatched lens provides crystal-clear optics for better awareness without distortion. The smart ergonomic design offers full-face coverage without squeezing my head uncomfortably.

And the ruggedized shell withstands hard-core play. While premium-priced, the i5 gives me the confidence to compete at my highest level thanks to the seamless integration of vision, protection, and comfort in one mask.

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