Dye i4 vs i5 | Which Is The Best Choice? | 2023

With an upcoming tournament season, I knew it was time to upgrade my old mask to one of Dye’s top models, either the i4 or the i5. At the local pro shop, I checked out the i4 first. The sleek, low-profile goggle design immediately caught my eye.

It used ultra-thick dual-pane lenses for great optics but sacrificed coverage around the chin. The flexible, one-piece composite frame allowed for easy lens swaps. Out on the field, the i4 provided stellar vision and breathability.

But taking hits close up, I noticed more impact shock reaching my jawline and ears compared to other masks. Still, the i4 delivered a pro-level performance with its huge field of view and excellent comfort.

Dye i5

Next, I tried on the i5, Dye’s current flagship model. Right away, the extra side and bottom coverage of its injected-mold panoramic lens felt more protective. Combined with the rubber-padded soft ears, the i5 noticeably absorbed and deflected more impact shock from close-range hits. The Dye i5 paintball mask provides excellent protection and visibility.

The forged aluminum frame, though heavier, provided rock-solid lens security, even when diving into bunkers. The quick-change foam and strap system also made lens swaps a breeze. Peering through the thermal pane lens, the optics, and distortion-free clarity were pristine.

Throughout a grueling tournament day, the i5 stood up to brutal abuse while delivering a huge single-pane field of view. By day’s end, the i5’s extra coverage, great optics, and sturdy feel sold me on making it my new tournament mask. For paintballers who demand the best, the i5 brings next-level performance, protection, and quality.

The Dye i4

Stepping onto the field, I lower my Dye i4 mask and take a breath. The soft foam lining contours perfectly to my face, blocking out exterior noise and light. My field of vision is unrestricted thanks to the generous dual-pane thermal lens, letting me scan for enemies.

Past masks would fog up halfway through a match, forcing me to lift the goggles and wipe frantically. But the i4’s anti-fog technology keeps my sight crystal clear, rain or shine. 

Charging up the center bunker, I snapshots at the opposing team, unhindered by the mask. The lightweight yet durable composite frame never obstructs my aim. And the easily adjustable strap at the back ensures a perfect fit, whether I’m wearing a cap or letting my hair down.

Other masks required fiddling with inserts to prevent painful jaw pinches after a long day. But the i4’s soft, customizable foam breathes easily, even when I’m drenched in sweat. 

A paintball suddenly bursts against my mask in a splash of yellow. But the thermal lens absorbs the impact, leaving my vision unaffected. As I blast the assailant out of the match, excitement surges through me. While everything else is dirt-stained and battle-worn, my trusty i4 still looks fresh from the shop.

This mask always has my back. When the paintballs fly fast, the i4 lets me play hard in total comfort and confidence. It’s not just protection; it’s an extension of who I am on the field. My i4 means I’m here to win.

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle (Onyx)

The moment I strapped on the Dye i5 goggles, I knew this was next-level face protection. The soft yet durable exoskeleton flexes seamlessly as I bob and weave between bunkers, absorbing impacts that would rattle my skull in other masks. The GSR Pro strap system disappears against my head, customizing the fit with a quick tug of the tab. No more jaw pinches or pressure points, even after hours in the trenches.

Sprinting up the center, I unleash a torrent of paint, the ultra-wide visor giving me an unobstructed view of the battlefield. My sights stay clear when rushing into close-quarter firefights thanks to the dual-pane anti-fog lens and filtered venting. Past goggles would fog after a few snapshots, forcing me to lift them mid-match. But the i5 keeps me dialed in from opening the buzzer to closing the horn.

After a grueling tournament in the mud and rain, I break down the i5 in seconds flat thanks to the tool-less design. All the components click apart and slot back into place, ensuring peak performance day after day. While everything else requires scrubbing and repairs, my i5 bounces back from the carnage unscathed. 

Once the paint settles and the gear gets packed away, the i5 sits ready in my bag, awaiting the next adventure. It’s not just my armor; it’s part of who I am on the field. When everything is on the line, I strap on my i5s and become the warrior within. Game on.

Key Advantages of the Dye i5

As soon as I swapped my rickety old mask for the Dye i5s, my game changed completely. Here are the key advantages that made the i5 my ride-or-die goggles:

Unrestricted Vision

The wide visor and dual pane lens give me a panoramic view of the entire field. I can check my peripherals and track multiple opponents with minimal head movement. Rotating the visor up lets me scope from long angles without exposing my face. No more tunnel vision torpedoing my awareness.

Total Comfort

The padded exoskeleton absorbs impacts without transferring energy to my head. I can focus on the game, not jaw pain or headaches. And the strap offers micro-adjustments for a truly custom fit. Once locked in, I forget I’m even wearing a mask.

Rugged Protection

These goggles can take a beating and bounce back unphased. Direct shots to the lens don’t spider-web or distort my vision. And the durable shell shields my moneymaker from welts. After grueling tournaments, the i5s still look new, while I feel like I got run over by a truck.

Quick Maintenance

No tools are required to break down components for cleaning. I just click the visor, foam, and strap off in seconds to rinse away sweat and grime. Reassembly takes a snap, ensuring fog and distortion don’t sideline me.

While some players obsess over aesthetics and branding, I love the i5s for pure performance. Their unmatched fit and protection give me the confidence and awareness to elevate my game. When it comes time to suit up and battle, my i5s never let me down.


Stepping off the field after a hard-fought victory, I’m battered and bruised but walking tall. My teammates congratulate each other, recounting every intense firefight. Though we emerged bloodied and muddy, our spirit remains unbroken. 

Sitting down to pick up paint shrapnel from my jersey, I take stock of my equipment. My marker leaked from the feedback, and my pod pack lost a few precious pods in the heat of battle. But my trusty Dye i5 goggles look almost untouched, having shrugged off all that came their way.

While everything else requires repair and replacement, I know my i5s will be ready without hesitation for the next tournament. Their unmatched protection and optical clarity gave me the confidence and awareness I needed to lead my squad to triumph. When the pressure peaked, I counted on my i5s to keep me focused and fighting.

Victories will come and go, and opponents will change from season to season. But my i5s remain a constant, letting my skills and passion shine through. These goggles have become an extension of myself on the field. Though bloodied and bruised, when I strap on my i5, I feel unstoppable. Onward to the next battle!


Q: What is the main difference between the Dye i4 and i5?

The i5 has a slightly wider profile with increased ear and jaw protection vs. the smaller and more compact i4.

Q: Which provides better visibility and field of view?

The i4 offers a bit more unobstructed peripheral vision, while the i5 has a good balance of protection and visibility.

Q: Which is better for smaller faces?

The i5 fits smaller heads more comfortably with its smaller overall design.

Q: Which is more comfortable and breathable?

Both use flexible materials and ventilation, but the i4 is lighter. The i5 has softer face foam.

Q: Does one offer more protection than the other?

The i5 covers more area around the face and ears for enhanced protection.

Q: Which system is easier to change lenses with?

Both share Dye’s Rapid-Change lens system for quick swaps without tools.

Q: Is the quality of the lenses the same on both masks?

Yes, they both offer Dye’s high-end ThermoCured anti-fog lenses.

Q: Which mask is typically less expensive?

The i4 is usually around $80, while the i5 retails for over $100 in most cases.

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