Dye DSR+ Marker – A hands On Review

As a tournament paintball player always striving to improve my skills and gear, I was extremely eager to get my hands on the new Dye DSR+ marker. The DSR+ boasts a reputation as one of the top high-end electronic markers on the market, known for its smooth shot, consistency, and durability even under intense gameplay.

After extensive use and testing it on the field against high-level competition, I can definitively say the DSR+ lives up to the hype and then some.

Initial Impressions: Premium Quality Throughout

Right from unpacking the marker, I could tell Dye designed the DSR+ as a premium product. The graphics and milling give it an aggressive yet refined style. Picking it up, the gun felt solid and durable thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

The black anodized finish resists scratches, even when diving into bunkers. The redesigned rubber wraparound foregrip provides enhanced ergonomics and control. The stippling allows for a non-slip grip.

I also appreciated the included hard shell carry case for safe storage and transport. Dye rounds out the package with all the tools, spare parts, lubricants, and manuals needed for ongoing maintenance.

Performance: Smooth, Accurate And Consistent 

Taking the DSR+ out onto the field, its performance exceeded my high expectations. The inline poppet valve system delivers incredible shot quality. The 14” two-piece paintball barrel launches with a straight trajectory and impressive velocity, enhancing accuracy.

I was able to snap and shoot distant targets better than ever before. The gentle firing cycle produces minimal recoil, vibration, and sound signature. I could rapid-fire for suppression, then quickly transition to precisely pick off opponents.

Even at sustained high rates of fire, it chopped paint less and avoided jams better than other markers I’ve used. No matter the weather conditions or paint quality, the DSR+ shot smoothly and reliably in every match.

Features: Packed With Innovations

Dye-packed innovations into the DSR+, like the toolless breakdown. By just rotating a few collars, I can disengage the core components to clean and lube the marker in minutes between rounds.

The redesigned circuit board improves the cycling rate for a competitive edge. The convenient battery door makes swapping fresh batteries a breeze. The molded rubber foregrip withstands intense play and keeps my fingers safely away from paint splatter.

The adjustable feed neck allows me to reload rapidly from any angle or body position. Dye even includes a trigger stop so I can fine-tune the range of motion for faster response.

Stronger Wraparound Grip  

The redesigned grip frame provides a comfortable, ergonomic hold that fits nicely in my hands. The stippling texture helps ensure a slip-free grip even when diving headfirst into bunkers. The wraparound design protects my fingers from paint splatter while providing great control.

Quick Service

Breaking down the DSR+ for maintenance is a breeze thanks to the tool-less design. I can easily access the drive train, bolt system, and electronics for cleaning and lubrication between matches. Quickly swapping out o-ring seals keeps the marker shooting consistently all day long.


With the low-profile feed neck, I can rapidly reload from all angles and body positions. The balanced weight distribution makes handling the marker natural. I can smoothly transition from reloading to targeting and firing.

Signature Shot

The shot quality is superb! The DSR+ has minimal recoil, vibration, and sound signature. The quiet, gentle operation lets me focus on my stance, aim, and trigger control. The accuracy pays off with more eliminated opponents.

Accessible Battery 

The easy-access battery door makes replacing batteries quick and convenient. No more fiddling with tiny electronic components to get fresh batteries in before the next round starts.


The foregrip spacing, trigger placement, and grip angle allow the DSR+ to fit naturally into my hands for ideal weapon control. The design helps minimize fatigue, so I can keep competing at a high level even during long tournament days. The Dye M3+ paintball marker and DSR+ are both designed for top performance.


Dye’s distinctive style and graphics give the DSR+ some flare. The angular construction looks aggressive yet clean. I appreciate the durable, high-end materials that hold up under hard-core play.

Upgraded Performance 

Compared to my previous high-end marker, the DSR+ delivers better accuracy and range thanks to the enhanced two-piece barrel and higher velocity output. The redesigned bolt system reduces the sound signature to help keep my position concealed.

The lower operating pressure minimizes recoil even during rapid-fire shooting. The tool-less design allows me to clean and maintain it faster between matches. And the intuitive ergonomics, like the rubber grip, let me play longer without fatigue.

After upgrading to the DSR+, my skills have improved, along with my tournament ranking.

Inside the Box

The DSR+ comes packaged with all the tools, spare parts, lubricants, and manuals needed to keep the marker in top condition. The included case provides safe storage and transport. Dye includes several barrel inserts so I can fine-tune range and accuracy.


As a competitive tournament paintballer, I’ve had the opportunity to use both the original DSR and the new DSR+ extensively. While both are high-performing markers from Dye, the DSR+ provides noticeable improvements in key areas that give it the edge for tournament-play paintball.

The most obvious upgrade is the redesigned grip frame on the DSR+. It now features a rubberized wrap-around foregrip rather than the scratch-prone foam grip on the old DSR. This new grip fits my hands better and allows for rock-solid control even when snap-shooting or diving. The textured stippling prevents slippage in wet conditions.

Internally, Dye redid the valve assembly to make the DSR+ gentler on the paint. I experience less ball breakage when firing rapidly compared to the occasional chops with the DSR. This consistency means I waste less paint during intense matches.

The shot quality itself feels smoother and quieter with the DSR+. Dye tweaked the inline poppet valve system for less mechanical vibration and a lower sound signature. I can snap shots more accurately due to the reduced recoil while firing.

In terms of electronics, the upgraded circuit board on the DSR+ improves the shooting cycle time for a competitive edge in firefights. The trigger adjustments also allow for a quicker response and reduced travel distance.

While both markers perform well, the DSR+’s upgrades make a real difference on the field. The enhanced shot quality, grip, rates of fire, and reduced sound signature give me a leg up against equally skilled opponents with the old DSR model. For these reasons, the DSR+ will remain my go-to tournament marker moving forward.

Pros And Cons


  • Excellent shot quality
  • Highly accurate shots
  • Impressive rates of fire
  • Rarely chops paint or jams
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable construction
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Intuitive controls
  • Reliable electronics


  • Expensive price tag
  • Advanced tuning required
  • Small grip frame
  • No auto-off feature

Overall, the performance enhancements and innovative features of the Dye DSR+ easily outweigh the few minor downsides for serious tournament competitors looking for an equipment edge. It has become my go-to marker and has noticeably improved my skills.


With its dial shot quality, smooth operation, innovative features, and durable construction, the Dye DSR+marker represents the pinnacle of high-end paintball gear. It provides me with every advantage I need to compete and excel at the expert level.

The consistency and reliability let me focus on my technique rather than worrying about my equipment. Any serious tournament paintball player looking to upgrade their gear should take a close look at the DSR+.

I can’t recommend it highly enough, as it has had a tremendously positive impact on improving my overall game. The DSR+ will remain my go-to marker for competitions for years to come thanks to its outstanding performance and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How loud is the sound signature on the DSR+?

A: The DSR+ has a gentle firing cycle that produces a quieter report compared to other high-end markers. The smooth inline poppet system results in minimal mechanical noise. Adding a suppressor can further reduce the sound signature for enhanced stealth.

Q: Does the DSR+ come with an adjustable trigger?

A: Yes, the trigger has multiple adjustment points for a range of motion, activation points, and sensitivity. I can tune it to reduce travel and increase firing response. The trigger stop allows me to set precise limits on trigger movement.

Q: How many rounds per second can the DSR+ cycle at?

A: In the unlimited ramping fire mode, I’ve achieved over 20 rounds per second with practice. The electronic controls and Valve drive train allow for impressively high cyclic rates.

Q: What colors and finishes is the DSR+ available in? 

A: Currently Dye offers the DSR+ in a few anodized colors like black, olive green, and desert tan. The aluminum body has a durable texture finish that looks great and resists scratching.

Q: Does the marker come with a barrel kit?

A: Yes, the DSR+ includes a two-piece 14” barrel and several interchangeable back inserts so you can find your ideal bore size for enhanced accuracy.

Q: How long does a fresh set of batteries last in the DSR+?

A: With regular tournament usage, I get over 30,000 shots from a fresh set of AA batteries. The easy access door makes swapping new batteries quick and convenient.

Q: Is the DSR+ paintball marker legal for tournament and league play?

A: Yes, the DSR+ meets or exceeds all requirements and regulations for major paintball tournaments and leagues. Its ramping modes and maximum rates of fire are capped at legal limits.

I’m very happy with the DSR+ and how it has improved my skills. Feel free to ask me any other questions!

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