Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review – The Best Paintball Marker?

Stepping up to the firing line, I eagerly loaded up my freshly cleaned Planet Eclipse Etha 2 with fresh paint and compressed air. Gripping the textured composite frame, I felt ready to put this robust marker through a grueling day-long test. The first thing I noticed upon firing was the buttery smooth shot quality, almost gentle on the paint with minimal vibration.

The trigger had a light, crisp pull with zero side-to-side play for excellent control. Running drills back and forth across the field, the Etha 2 kept up with rapid-fire easily, achieving over 15 balls per second in PSP ramping mode. The Gamma Core bolt system lived up to its reputation for reliability even after 2000 shots, with no breaks or chops.

Diving into bunkers and snap shooting from close quarters, the Etha 2 proved fast and accurate, hitting quarter-sized targets from 50 feet away. By the end of a hard day’s play, I was thoroughly impressed at how this mid-range marker performed like a high-end gun well above its price bracket.

Planet Eclipse has a real winner in the Etha 2, the best complete package marker that can hang with tournament electros costing twice as much. The Etha 2 earns its place as a superb all-around force on the paintball field. This is the one marker that can do it all!

What Makes Planet Etha 2 Stand Out?

It was a picture-perfect sunny day at the local paintball field when I got the chance to test out Planet Eclipse’s latest mid-range marker, the Etha 2. As I prepped my gear and inspected the sleek matte black marker, I was eager to see if this updated Etha could stand toe-to-toe with the top electrons on the market.

After chronographing the Etha 2 and gassing up with fresh air, I walked onto the speedball course, ready for combat. Right away, I noticed a few things about the Etha 2 that made it feel solid yet comfortable:

  1. A Wide Grip: The composite frame provided a nice wide grip for excellent stability and control
  1. Rubberized Texture: The grip surfaces had a tacky rubber coating that locked the marker in place during slides and dives
  1. Lightweight Body: The magnesium alloy body kept weight down for easy maneuvering
  • After playing a few intense matches, I got a feel for the Etha 2’s performance:
  • Smooth Shot The spool valve system provided a gentle, consistent pop with each shot
  • Minimal Kick There is very little vibration or recoil, even at high rates of fire
  • Easy Cleaning The quick-release bolt made maintenance and cleaning a breeze
  • Reliable Feeding The spring ramp feed reliably delivered paintballs even during rapid shooting
  • Accuracy I was able to hit small targets at long range thanks to the barrel honing for precision  
  • Rapid Firing In PSP ramping mode, it achieved over 15 balls per second!

After a hard day testing the Etha 2 to its limits, I was left thoroughly impressed. It proved you don’t need to spend $1,000+ for a tournament-level setup. The Etha 2 brings stellar performance and quality to the mid-range marker world. Planet Eclipse has a real winner that excels both on the field and in your wallet! Planet Eclipse Emek is another good paintball gun in this field.

Bolting System

My first impressions of shooting the Etha 2 were extremely positive. The spool valve system gave it a gentle shot, especially compared to my loud poppet valve marker. I could easily rip 10 bps in semi-auto mode with excellent consistency. The trigger had the perfect amount of resistance and responded crisply. 

Running drills down the field, I tested the Etha 2 in PSP ramping mode. It smoothly unleashed a barrage reaching 15 bps! The Gamma Core Bolt could hang with top-tier electrons. Throughout the day, it gobbled up paint without a single chop or break.

Diving and sliding behind bunkers for snapshots, the Etha 2 performed fast and flawlessly. The two-piece barrel allowed for easy cleaning between points. Its accuracy was outstanding, hitting quarter-sized targets from 50 feet away.

After a rigorous day testing its speed and durability, I came away hugely impressed by the Etha 2. Planet Eclipse created a marker that rivals $1,000+ guns at half the price. With its robust bolt system, smooth shot, and reliability, the Etha 2 proves itself a force to be reckoned with on the paintball battlefield!

This is hands-down the best mid-range marker available today. Much like the Etha 2, the Planet Eclipse 170R also showcases outstanding performance that outpaces its price point. After intense sessions putting the 170R through its paces, I was blown away by its smoothness and consistency at high rates of fire.

The Gamma Core drivetrain inside the 170R delivers Cadillac-like shot quality typically only found in $1,500+ electros. Yet it comes in at just over $1,000. For that reasonable price, the durable and refined 170R goes toe-to-toe with the top guns out there.

Why You Should Consider The Planet Etha 2

It was a hot and humid Saturday when I met up with some buddies at the paintball field to put the new Planet Eclipse Etha 2 through its paces. As we unpacked our gear, I couldn’t wait to test out this updated mid-range marker that I’d been hearing so much about.

After getting suited up in my jersey and pads, I held the Etha 2 in my hand for the first time. The textured grip and robust composite frame gave it a quality feel beyond its price point. Gone was the old plastic-y body; the Etha 2 meant business.

We started with some target shooting to dial in our accuracy. I was immediately impressed with how smooth and gentle the shot was, thanks to the spool valve system. The Etha 2 practically whispered each paintball downrange. Dialing in my scope, I was soon hitting quarter-sized targets at 50+ feet consistently.

For the next round of testing, we set up a speedball course. Sprinting between bunkers, I unleashed paint on full auto. The Etha 2 impressed yet again, achieving over 15 balls per second in PSP ramping mode. The trigger response was crisp, and the consistent rate of fire pinned opponents down with ease.

After a full day of testing its capabilities, the Etha 2 proved it deserves consideration as a robust mid-range marker that can compete with $1,000+ electros. The Etha 2 brings true high-end performance into an affordable package.

Whether woodsball or speedball is your game, this marker will give you an edge on the battlefield. I walked away thrilled with the Etha 2. It’s built like a tank and priced just right!

Pros and Cons


  • Smooth shot performance from the spool valve system
  • Minimal vibration and recoil for fast follow-up shots
  • Easy maintenance with tool-less bolt removal  
  • Reliable loading from anti-jam spring ramp
  • Lightweight composite frame for great handling
  • Affordable pricing under $500


  • Only comes in limited color options
  • No OLED screen or shot counter like higher-end models
  • Feedback doesn’t rotate for vertical feed
  • Less customizable than other tournament markers
  • The trigger has some side-to-side play when firing fast

Overall, the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 provides outstanding quality and performance for a mid-range paintball marker. The smooth bolt system, great ergonomics, and durable construction make it an excellent option for both beginners and experienced players.

While it lacks some of the high-end features of pricier electros, it excels at delivering consistent, reliable firing at an affordable cost. For a do-it-all marker ready for the speedball field or woodsball arena, the Etha 2 is easily one of the best options available today.

Final Thought

After extensively testing and reviewing the Planet Eclipse Etha 2, I’m thoroughly impressed with how this marker exceeds expectations for its price range.

Typically, when buying a mid-range paintball gun under $700, you expect to make some sacrifices in performance, quality, and features. However, the Etha 2 delivers a total package that rivals and, in some ways, surpasses markers costing nearly twice as much.

The comfortable ergonomic design, reliable Gamma Core bolt system, and smooth spool valve operation come together to provide an exceptional player experience. Shot after shot, the Etha 2 fires with the snappy precision you’d expect from a high-end electro. Yet it remains affordable and accessible to those on a budget.

Planet Eclipse has done something special by striking the optimal balance between price and performance. While it lacks some customization or premium materials found on $1,000+ guns, the Etha 2 proves itself a force to be reckoned with on the paintball battlefield time and time again. It’s reliable, durable, accurate, easy to maintain, and upgraded in all the right places.

So for any player looking to upgrade their setup without breaking the bank, the Etha 2 should be at the top of your list. It outclasses everything else at its price point. Fielding it in tournament matches or recreational play, the Etha 2 will give you capabilities that exceed its cost.

For intermediate and even experienced players alike, this is one marker that truly delivers. The Etha 2 is built to last and built to win.

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