Places To Go Paintballing In New York | 2023 Guide

As a paintball fan, I was thrilled to find out just how many excellent fields there are for paintballing in New York when I started researching options in the state. As a beginner, it’s great knowing I can locate fields perfect for new players like myself who want to learn the sport safely.

But paintballing in New York also caters to experts seeking to challenge their abilities with advanced courses requiring real skill and strategy. With top-notch venues across the state fitting all levels, New York is fantastic for paintball.

Whether I’m playing with first-timers or seasoned teammates, New York has paintball for all levels. From Long Island to Buffalo, these fields offer amazing variety, so veterans and rookies alike can have a blast. As I’ve explored different places across the state, I’ve been consistently impressed with the quality of fields tailored to different experience levels.

In 2023, paintballing in New York and paintballing in Ohio will be better than ever, with more options to test your skills in new environments. New York has some great established paintball venues.

Cousins Long Island Paintball

If you find yourself on Long Island and the itch to play hits, make sure to visit Cousins Paintball in Calverton. My buddies and I couldn’t believe they packed over 50 acres of awesome themed paintball fields into one park!

One game we were sneaking through dense jungle forests; the next we were diving behind bunkers on wide, open speedball courses. Their variety of scenarios keeps every match intense and unique. As newcomers, we appreciated how welcoming and safety-focused their refs were while still letting us have an absolute blast.

Whether you’re a serious tournament player or just looking for outdoor fun with friends like us, Cousins has the fields, rentals, and staff to show all levels a great time. The park more than lived up to its reputation as a paintball mecca.

Running through those elaborately designed courses and dodging paintball ambushes got our adrenaline pumping! Cousins is definitely the spot to visit for unforgettable paintballing on Long Island.

Extreme Sports

While visiting some friends on Long Island recently, they took me to check out Extreme Sports Park in Deer Park for some paintball action. I was blown away by the maze of awesome themed courses they packed into their huge outdoor fields!

One game had us running through a replica of an abandoned town, trying to ambush each other from inside buildings. The next day, we were battling across Hyperball courses with huge inflatable bunkers flying by. Their creative field designs really make you feel immersed in the game. 

Extreme Sports also has options for casual play with buddies or organized team tournaments for more competitive athletes. The referees are excellent at explaining safety to newcomers like me while also letting experienced players thrive.

Thanks to the expansive fields and inclusive environment, our group had an absolute blast all day testing our skills. For paintballers visiting Long Island or just looking for local fields, Extreme Sports is a destination you definitely have to add to your list! The variety and quality they offer put this spot at the top.

Area 53

Looking for a completely one-of-a-kind paintball experience in New York? Check out Area 53 in Monticello. The post-apocalyptic alien invasion theme blew my mind! The intricate playing fields make you feel like you’ve stepped right into an action movie.

My friends and I had an absolute blast working together to ambush the “alien invaders,” which were really their trained staff in crazy costumes. They also let teams go head-to-head in different scenarios if you don’t want to fight the aliens.

No matter how you play, Area 53’s insane attention to detail transports you to another world. The staff is clearly committed to delivering a completely immersive adventure, from the elaborate sets right down to decorating the restrooms. If you’re looking for something that far exceeds just a normal day of paintball, Area 53 is an absolute must-visit.

No other field I’ve experienced has come close to creating such a thrilling and vivid paintball environment. Their creative theme and roleplaying elements add exciting challenges that will keep veteran players engaged. Trying to survive Area 53 felt like a full theatrical production—in the best possible way!

Paintballing in New York Sports

During a recent trip upstate, my friends and I stopped at Paintball Sports NY in Plattekill and were blown away by the variety and challenge of their fields. They had awesome wooded courses filled with hilly terrain that made for intense, tactical team games.

When we felt like nonstop speedball action, their massive inflatable fields were perfect for sprinting from bunker to bunker. No matter which field we chose, the layout forced us to strategize and work together as a team to advance. Our group included both beginners and experienced players, but the knowledgeable staff made sure everyone had a fun and safe time testing their skills.

The well-designed fields accommodated different skill levels, so newbies could learn while veterans could push their limits. If you really want to take your paintball game to the next level in upstate New York, Paintball Sports NY’s fantastic fields and personnel will make it happen. Tackling those challenging courses was an absolute blast that had our whole crew pumped!

In Summary

New York’s paintball scene offers a wealth of opportunities for paintball enthusiasts to indulge in their passion and experience the adrenaline-pumping action that the sport provides. From the immersive battles at Cousins Long Island Paintball to the post-apocalyptic adventure at Area 53, each paintball destination in New York brings its own unique charm and excitement.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the state, consider adding these top paintball fields to your list of must-visit places. With well-designed playing fields, friendly staff, and thrilling scenarios, these paintball destinations ensure an unforgettable experience for every player.

Prepare for an exciting day of paintball in New York by donning your gear and picking up a paintball marker. The paintball grounds in New York City are perfect for both serious competition play and friendly pickup games with friends. Embrace the thrill, teamwork, and excitement of paintballing, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Happy paintballing!

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