The Best Places To Go Paintballing In New Jersey | 2023 Guide

As an avid paintballer, I’ve explored the premier fields across New Jersey and experienced heart-pounding action on varied terrain that is second to none. From dense forests to open meadows between bustling cities and sprawling suburbs, New Jersey’s diverse landscape provides the perfect canvas for paintball.

The state’s top operators have utilized this stunning combination to craft world-class parks rivaling any nationwide. I’ve enjoyed exciting recreational play at premier venues as well as intense team practices and immersive scenario simulations that test my skills.

Paintballing in New Jersey offers a paintball paradise where players of all levels, like myself, can challenge themselves on remarkable fields tailored for an unforgettable adrenaline rush. The state has become one of my favorite paintball destinations with its thrilling backdrop.

I’ve played on acres of wooded land where experts carefully cleared lanes of fire and inserted intricate bunker systems to enhance tactical gameplay. Entire towns and military bases, seemingly abandoned, recreate a battlefield atmosphere.

Inflatable arena structures with towers and multi-story buildings take speedball and hyperball to the next level. And real-world training centers like office complexes and CQB houses add military precision to close-quarters drills.

The expansive outdoor parks are complemented by cutting-edge indoor arenas, which utilize modular walls, multi-level platforms, and low lighting effects to contain heart-pounding matches within a maze-like environment.

My teammates and I navigate the ever-changing layout, communicating movements and coordinating attacks under fire. With settings for casual new players, tournament hopefuls like me, and everyone in between, New Jersey’s stunning paintball facilities provide exhilarating experiences across varied terrains.

I like to absorb the beautiful backdrop before diving into battle, testing my skills against friends, or preparing for cutthroat tournament play. When I gear up in New Jersey, I feel the rush of paintball action at the finest fields and parks designed to maximize enjoyment of this thrilling sport.

The state offers top places for adventurous players like myself to go paintballing. You like to go paintballing in every state, like the best place to go paintballing in New York and the best place to go paintballing in ohio.

Battle Creek Paintball

Located in Marlboro, Battle Creek Paintball provides an immersive experience across two outdoor playing fields spanning over 40 wooded acres. Players navigate through dense vegetation and thematic obstacles like military bunkers.

The site offers competitive team play along with beginner rentals and private group bookings. With a beautiful natural setting and engaging field layouts, Battle Creek is a top choice for woodsy paintball.

Cousins Paintball 

As a New Jersey paintballer, one of my favorite fields is Cousins Paintball, based in Manchester Township. They feature three outdoor playing fields spanning 22 acres of woods and clearings.

I’ve enjoyed the recreational and scenario fields, which offer diverse natural terrain plus themed props and fortified bunkers. The speedball stadium field is perfect for the competitive team tournaments that I participate in.

Cousins provides rental packages, private parties, and lessons, making it ideal for new players getting started. With its range of fields and amenities, Cousins Paintball is a premier destination for exciting paintballing in New Jersey.

On Target Action Park

As someone who loves paintballing in New Jersey, I’m a big fan of Target Action Park in Manalapan. They provide an all-inclusive park with two outdoor paintball fields set on 30 forested acres, perfect for woodsball and urban combat scenario games that I enjoy.

There’s also an indoor airsoft arena and BB gun shooting range when I want to mix up my day. The full-service Pro Shop is stocked with top paintball gear. Whether I go with family, friends, or my team, Target Action Park offers fun for all levels, making it a premier destination for paintball in New Jersey.

Playground Paintballing In New Jersey

Located in Montville, Playground Paintball Park spans 50 acres with three distinctive outdoor playing fields catering to all formats. The recreational field is suited for beginners and casual play.

The hyperball and speedball arenas enable advanced tournament-style team games. Rentals, entry packages, and private group reservations are available.

Anchor Paintball

Anchor Paintball in Jackson provides an outdoor playing field with natural wood setups plus a CQB indoor arena for year-round play.

The outdoor field includes barricades, bunkers, and a downed helicopter prop for tactical games. The indoor arena allows fast-paced, close-quarters matches. Rentals and private parties are accommodated.

Indoor Airsoft NJ

Based in Edison, Indoor Airsoft NJ offers a 15,000-square-foot indoor battlefield arena featuring a maze-like layout. Players navigate through labyrinthine corridors and rooms with effects like low lighting, music, and smoke. The unique close-quarters environment provides intense airsoft battles and training simulations.

Stryker Airsoft Indoor Arena

Located in Wayne, Stryker Airsoft Arena provides 20,000 sq. ft. of indoor airsoft play space, including multi level platforms, CQB areas, and a long-range sniper alley. The adjustable modular maze layouts keep the action fast-paced and unpredictable. Stryker also offers tactical training programs for teams.

Central Jersey Paintball

In Matawan, Central Jersey Paintball encompasses 50 wooded acres for scenario games and tournaments. Seven diverse playing fields provide varied natural and man-made terrain. Rental packages, pro shops, private groups, and parties are accommodated. Multiple formats cater to new players and experienced teams alike.

Long Live paintball!

Long Live Paintball in Manville features private indoor speedball fields and a public outdoor setup for tactical woodsball games. The indoor arena is equipped for competitive team practices and tournaments, complete with props, bunkers, and technology systems. The outdoor field offers more casual recreational play.

Shooters Paintball and Airsoft

Shooters Paintball & Airsoft in Little Egg Harbor provides 5 acres of outdoor playing area plus a heated indoor field house for year-round paintball and airsoft. Outdoor setups include natural woods, battlefield props, and inflatable bunkers tailored for different game formats. Rentals, gear packages, and lessons are available.

Cousins Paintball

In addition to their Manchester Township location, Cousins Paintball operates a second venue in Cream Ridge that caters to large groups. Five outdoor playing fields across 121 acres enable small recreational games or extensive tournament, scenario, and Big Game engagements involving hundreds of players.

Gear-Up Paintball

Located in West Milford, Gear-Up Paintball offers private groups a choice of recreational woodsball or competitive speedball games across three outdoor playing fields. Rental packages, party packages, and sales of paintball supplies are available. Bonus features include picnic tables, campfires, and food options. 

SoftAir NJ

SoftAir NJ in Pine Brook provides indoor airsoft play in a customized arena with multilevel platforms, windows, and specialty props like cars. Players experience realistic close-quarters combat simulations across constantly reconfigured layouts. Tactical training programs are offered as well.

Top Gun Paintball

In Franklinville, TopGun Paintball spans 53 acres with diverse recreational, scenario, and speedball fields catering to all skill levels. Rental packages, entry fees, and private group reservations are available. The full-service pro shop provides quality gear and supplies to players.

QuickShot Paintball VS Airsoft

Located in Franklin, QuickShot Paintball vs Airsoft offers speedball, hyperball, and woodsball field setups for competitive team practices and tactical simulations. The outdoor playing area is equipped with themed props, barricades, and shelters. The full-service pro shop stocks top brands.

In Summary

As a competitive paintballer, I’m thrilled by the stellar options New Jersey offers for the sport I love. The state is home to first-class outdoor commercial parks with jaw-dropping natural woods and specialized indoor arenas tailored for intense gameplay.

I’ve competed in thrilling tournaments at New Jersey’s premier paintball facilities, which are professionally designed to provide the ultimate balance of natural and artificial challenges.

One moment I’m diving behind a hand-crafted bunker during a fast-paced match, and the next I’m stealthily navigating dense forest terrain during a combat simulation. Whether I’m training with my team, competing for glory, or just having a casual shootout with friends, New Jersey delivers painted action.

The state’s diverse commercial fields provide exhilarating settings for any style of paintball, from recreation to hardcore competitions. I’m always amazed by the top-notch experiences New Jersey offers for players seeking first-class facilities to test their skills and enjoy this exciting sport to the fullest.

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