Places To Go Paintballing In Illinois | 2023 Guide

As an avid Illinois paintballer, I’m thrilled by the premier fields and parks offered across the state. With extensive woodlands, prairies, and varied terrain, Illinois provides an excellent backdrop for paintball.

I’ve enjoyed exciting recreational play, intense scenario simulations, and competitive team practices at top venues across the state. When I’m looking for a thrilling day of paintballing in Illinois, I consider these phenomenal locations:

Power Paintball

As someone who enjoys paintballing in Illinois, one of my favorite premier fields is Power Paintball, located just outside Chicago in Joliet. Spanning over 100 acres, they offer diverse playing areas that are perfect for my needs.

I love the flagship Hyperball field, featuring an expansive inflatable arena filled with bunkers and structures for intense team tournament battles.

In the Woodsball area, I traverse wooded trails and hunting blinds in natural terrain or a mock desert town, which is thrilling. For tight, close-quarters combat, I head to the CQB City indoor arena, with multiple buildings allowing skirmishes around every corner.

With extensive facilities tailored to all formats, from Hyperball to MilSim, Power Paintball provides top-notch paintball action in Illinois.

Pekin Paintballing in Illinois Park

Situated in Pekin, south of Peoria, Pekin Paintball Park encompasses 40 acres of woodlands, clearings, structures, and debris for exciting recreational play. The main playing field includes barricades, fences, pallets, and various covers mimicking a rural or industrial site.

Nearby is an abandoned two-story house where battles erupt over defending staircases and controlling the high ground. Deep in the woods, an oasis with huts, bridges, and even a downed helicopter creates a jungle combat environment. With three distinct zones to fight across, players experience varied settings at this scenic park.

Bing Field Paintball

Found in Bull Valley, north of McHenry, Bing Field Paintball offers recreational play on 40 acres of dense woods and clearings. The field combines natural vegetation like fallen logs for cover with thematic props like drums, derelict cars, and building remains that immerse players in a simulated battlefield.

A creek dissects the main playing zone, requiring teams to strategize about controlling the bridge. Support amenities like picnic tables, restrooms, and free parking make Bing Field an accommodating paintball park for all ages.

Wacky Warriors Paintball East

Wacky Warriors operates two premier paintball parks in Illinois: the East venue in Roberts, south of Joliet, includes a vintage town, castle, military base, and more across over 80 acres. With structures like a church, saloon, jail, and general store, the Old West Ghost Town setup leads to cowboy and outlaw shootouts.

The medieval castle, with its keeps, towers, and courtyards, enables storming fortress sieges. And the mock military base features cargo trucks, sandbag barriers, and guard towers for combat patrols. Wacky Warriors’ creative fields foster dynamic scenario games.

Area 52 Paintball

Set on 52 sprawling acres in Joliet, Area 52 Paintball offers diverse playing fields, including a rubble-strewn City, a pine-forested Woodsball zone, and the unique Caverns area with mining tunnels carved from a rock bluff.

The City setup with burned-out buses, smashed vehicles, and crumbling buildings creates intense urban combat action. The cave’s natural maze, dotted with wooden barricades, requires tight teamwork indoors. Area 52 delivers thrilling play across settings with tactical advantages to leverage.

Aggressive Paintball

Located in Fox Lake, northwest of Chicago, Aggressive Paintball provides an outdoor scenario field encompassing 30 wooded acres filled with themed props and structures. Players navigate thick vegetation and specialty setups like a plane crash site, a fortified military encampment, and a small village of shacks and buildings while hunting for enemies.

Nearby Pallet City offers close-quarters battles between towering piles of crates and debris. Aggressive Paintball’s dynamic fields capture the atmosphere of deployed combat zones.

Badlands Paintball Field

Established in 1992, Badlandz was Illinois’ first paintball park and remains a popular destination in Marengo, northwest of Chicago. Spanning over 100 acres, Badlandz offers diverse setups like the maze-like Fort Custer battlefield, Wild West town, and wasteland ruins, along with natural woodland expanses.

Rental packages, private groups, and competitive team practices are accommodated. With varied terrain and regular special events, Badlandz provides stellar paintball experiences.

Legacy Paintball And Airsoft Park 

Found south of Springfield in New Berlin, Legacy Paintball & Airsoft Park provides premiere outdoor and indoor fields. The outdoor setup includes a mix of natural woods, Hyperball arenas, and MilSim environments like buildings and military props.

The indoor field houses let players refine skills year-round on playing courts modeled after tournament layouts. From casual recreational to competitive tourneys, Legacy Paintball supports all formats.

Paintball Explosion 

Located east of Chicago in Dundee, Paintball Explosion is one of the Midwest’s largest parks, spanning 200 acres of diverse playing fields. The park offers hyperball and speedball arenas for competitive team games, along with natural woods and towns tailored for immersive scenario engagements.

A full-service pro shop, rentals, entry packages, and private bookings are available. With extensive capabilities, Paintball Explosion is a top destination.

Salt Fork Paintballing in Illinois

Found south of Urbana, Salt Fork Paintball provides stellar paintball facilities at Salt Fork State Park. Players experience tense engagements across three playing fields encompassing over 40 acres of natural woodlands and clearings.

Fields are designed to balance natural terrain with tactical props like barricades, fences, and structures. Rental packages, lessons, and equipment are available on-site. Salt Fork Paintball takes the sport into beautiful outdoor settings.

Wildcat Paintball Park, LLC

Located in Roby, east of Springfield, Wildcat Paintball Park spans 80 acres of dense woods and open spaces for exciting scenario-style play on multiple fields. Obstacles like crates, drums, netting, and bases dotted throughout enhance tactical maneuvering through the area’s rolling hills and tree stands.

Rental packages, private groups, and sales of paintball gear are supported. Wildcat Paintball’s expensive natural grounds enable dynamic paintball engagements.

In Summary

As an enthusiastic paintballer in Illinois, I’m thrilled by the stellar options across the state for exciting paintball action. The top-tier commercial parks and premiere multi-acre playing fields enable exhilarating team competitions, immersive combat simulations, and recreational play tailored for all ages and skills.

Through meticulous field design and scenic Illinois settings, venues statewide provide the unique blend of camaraderie, adrenaline rush, and simulated battle intensity that make paintball so enjoyable.

With its premier facilities, Illinois ensures I can experience the best this action-packed sport has to offer when I go paintballing in the state. If you are interested in more paintballing states, then Click Here.

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