Best Paintball Neck Protector Shield Armor Review 2023

As an avid paintball player, having quality neck protection is essential gear for me. After taking one too many painful welts to the throat, I knew it was time to invest in a neck shield. I did some research to find the best options that would allow me to play hard without worrying about exposed skin.

After testing a few different neck protectors on the field, the Tippmann Paintball Neck Protector really impressed me. Its lightweight and breathable material allows for great mobility while still absorbing impacts. The adjustable straps and extended side flaps let me customize the fit and coverage.

Another favorite is the Exalt Paintball Neck Shield Protector. The extra-thick padding and adjustable collar securely protected my neck and lower face without being bulky. And it held up well even after taking close-range shots.

For extra protection, I recommend the Planet Eclipse Overload Neck Protector Armor. It has a hard-shell visor that shields all the way up to the chin. The integrated foam cushioning and sleeve keep my entire neck and head protected when I really want to avoid paintball bruises.

No matter which neck protector you choose, having this essential paintball armor really provides peace of mind. I can dive, crawl, and make aggressive moves without exposing vulnerable skin.

Don’t take any unnecessary risks, equip yourself with a neck shield and focus on your game. Protecting your neck is a small investment that pays off big time on the paintball battlefield.

1) Tippmann Paintball Neck Protector For Men

As a relative newcomer to the world of paintball, I was worried about protecting my exposed neck as I learned the ropes. The standard face mask left me vulnerable to rogue shots to the throat. On the advice of some seasoned players, I picked up the Tippmann neck protector to shield my skin.

The first time I suited up with it, I was relieved to have the extra coverage right away. The adjustable nylon straps allowed me to customize the fit over my mask and uniform. And the thick foam padding enveloped my neck without restricting my head movement at all.

Once the matches started, I played without hesitation, no longer fearing painful welts. Even when hit with close-range rapid fire, the protector cushioned every impact. Between games, it was easy to flip the shield back to cool my sweaty neck. 

After a long day of intense matches, I worked up a good sweat but didn’t suffer a single bruise. Having the Tippmann protector gave me the confidence I needed as a newcomer to play aggressively. I was able to focus on my game strategy instead of worrying about my exposed skin.

For any new paintballers looking to protect their necks as they learn the ropes, the Tippmann shield is a must-have. The full coverage and padded construction perfectly shield your skin while allowing total mobility. I won’t step foot on the field without it!

Here are some pros and cons of the Tippmann Paintball Neck Protector:


  • Adjustable nylon straps for secure fit
  • Thick foam padding cushions impacts
  • Allows full head movement and mobility
  • Easy to flip up when needing a breather
  • Perfect for new players learning the game
  • Lightweight and breathable construction
  • One size fits most adults


  • Minimal side flap coverage 
  • Foam lacks high density for close shots 
  • Hand wash only to prevent compression 

2) Exalt Paintball Neck Shield Protector

As an aggressive paintball player who likes to take risks, having a sturdy neck protector is a must. I used to wear a handkerchief as makeshift coverage, but it didn’t provide nearly enough padding. After taking one too many welts to the throat, I invested in the Exalt neck shield.

The first time I used it, I immediately noticed how lightweight and breathable the material was. I had a full range of motion without any stiffness or restriction. When I took off on a sprint, the adjustable strap kept the shield securely around my neck, even at top speed.

During intense matches, paintballs bounced right off the triple-layered foam padding without leaving a mark. The extra-long side flaps shielded my lower face and ears when peering around bunkers. And the ventilation holes prevented any fogging inside my mask.

After a long day of diving and crawling on the turf, I was amazed that my neck was completely bruise-free. The Exalt shield stood up to heavy abuse without showing any signs of damage either. 

Having this vital protection has allowed me to play more fearlessly and aggressively. I can take risks knowing that my exposed skin is covered. For paintballers wanting reliable neck protection, this padded shield lives up to its reputation as one of the best. I won’t play another match without Exalt guarding my neck!

Here are some pros and cons for the Exalt Paintball Neck Shield Protector:


  • Lightweight and breathable construction 
  • Adjustable strap for secure fit
  • Triple-layered foam padding absorbs impacts
  • Extra long side flaps for more coverage
  • Ventilation holes prevent mask fogging


  • Can absorb sweat and moisture over time
  • Foam lacks density for high impacts
  • The size runs large for smaller necks

3) Planet Eclipse Overload Neck Protector Armor

As an aggressive front player in paintball, protecting my neck is a top priority. But many of the guards I tried were either too bulky or didn’t have enough coverage. I decided to try the Overload after hearing reviews from fellow players. This thing checked all my boxes.

Right away, I noticed how lightweight and breathable the fabric was. I barely felt it while moving at full speed and diving headfirst. The adjustable collar lets me customize the fit and protection level.

During intense matches, the Overload withstood heavy bombardment without failing. The high-density foam dispersed every impact, leaving my neck and collarbone unharmed. The extra-long side flaps shielded my jaw and ears when I peeked out wide.

After long games of fighting it out in the trenches, my exposed skin stayed paint-free thanks to this protector. I was able to leave it all on the field without taking licks. The Planet Eclipse Overload gave me the flexibility and coverage I needed to excel as an aggressive player.

Now I never step onto the turf without Overload guarding my neck. It provides vital protection without limiting my mobility or situational awareness at all. For paintballers who take bruises in the line of duty, this is the neck protector you need on the battlefield. Consider your throat insured!


  • Lightweight and breathable fabric 
  • Adjustable collar for customized fit
  • High-density foam absorbs impacts
  • Extra long side flaps for more coverage 
  • Allows full mobility and flexibility


  • Not compatible with hard shell neck guards
  • Limited color options

How To Protect Your Neck In Paintball

As an avid paintball player, protecting my neck is a top priority for me on the field. After taking too many painful shots to the Adams apple early on, I quickly learned the importance of neck coverage. Here’s what I’ve picked up over the years about properly shielding this vulnerable area:

The most effective protection is a padded neck guard designed for paintball. Quality guards like the Empire Neck Armor use breathable, lightweight materials that allow full mobility along with impact absorption. I make sure to cinch the straps for a snug fit around my neck and mask.

For extra coverage, I wear a bandana or head wrap that I can pull up over my mouth and lower face when needed. This shields my skin when I’m yelling out instructions or peering around bunkers and barricades. 

I also use my hopper as a makeshift shield, crouching down behind it when I need to make a risky advance across the field. Angling it sideways protects my neck and cheeks as I sprint.

When money is tight, a last resort is simply wearing a t-shirt or athletic top with a collar that comes up around the neck. This basic layer at least covers the front throat area when charged into battle.

Taking these simple precautions allows me to play hard without worrying about painful welts. Protecting your vulnerable neck is a must in paintball’s high-impact environment. Focus on the strategy, not potential bruises!

Types Of Neck Coverage For Paintball

When it comes to protecting my neck while start playing paintball, I’ve tried all kinds of different coverage options over the years. Here’s my take on some common choices:

Neck Protector

The neck protector with padded foam is my go-to for full protection. Brands like Virtue Vio and Empire offer neck guards with adjustable straps that shield the entire neck area without restricting mobility. For comprehensive coverage, the neck protector is hard to beat.

Neck Gaiter 

When I need something more low-profile, I’ll wear a neck gaiter pulled up over my mouth and chin. The stretchy, moisture-wicking material hugs my neck snugly. Gaiters are breathable for all-day games and can be slipped on and off easily. Just know that they offer minimal padding.


For more protection, the shemagh scarf is nice when wrapped carefully around the neck. The durable cotton shields welts while allowing airflow to prevent overheating. Tucking the ends in securely is key to keeping it from slipping. Shemaghs just aren’t as breathable as other options.


In a pinch, a simple cotton bandana tied around the neck provides some extra coverage too. It’s obviously thin, but additional fabric layers help avoid bruises. I keep a few bandanas handy for impromptu shields when needed.

Hockey Neck Guard

Some players even use hockey neck guards for paintball since they have solid throat padding. The bulkiness impedes my movement a bit, but they definitely stop high-impact shots if that’s my main concern.

No matter your priority—breathability, mobility, or padding level—there’s a neck coverage option to suit your paintball playing style. Protecting this sensitive area is essential, so suit up accordingly!


After testing out various neck shields and armor for paintball, I’ve found there are some excellent options that provide comprehensive protection without limiting mobility. Quality neck guards like the Tippmann Paintball Neck Protector and Planet Eclipse Overload use breathable, adjustable materials to shield the entire neck area from painful welts.

No matter which neck protector you choose, taking this precaution allows you to play as aggressively as needed without worrying about your exposed skin. The throat and jaw are highly vulnerable and painful areas to take shots, so I always equip myself with a neck guard before hitting the field. 

My advice is to choose armor based on your playing style and required padding level. Full neck shields are ideal for close-quarters battlers, while low-profile gaiters work for back players. Protecting your neck enhances the paintball experience by letting you focus on strategy, not bruises. Gear up and conquer the battlefield!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much coverage do I need?

This depends on your playing style. Highly aggressive close-quarters players should use full neck protectors that shield from the base of the mask down to the collarbone. More coverage means more protection.

What’s the difference between foam and hard-shell guards?

Foam protectors are lightweight and offer padding to absorb shots. Hardshell guards with plastic visors provide an extra layer of high-impact protection for very close shots but can restrict mobility. Choose based on your needs.

Should I use a neck protector with a jersey?

A jersey alone won’t provide enough padding for the neck. Use a protector underneath for coverage and absorption, and a jersey over top for moisture wicking. The jersey also holds the protector in place nicely.

How do I stop fogging with a neck protector?

Look for guards with built-in vents or mesh panels that allow air circulation. Anti-fog spray inside the mask also helps. And take the protector off between games if you need extra airflow to clear fogging.

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