Ever wondered, what’s the budget for you to buy paintball guns with cool features too, which aren’t too costly? I did a little research, and during my eight decades of expertise in paintballing, I discovered that 300$ is your candy stage. One of the fascinating tasks which you could play with your buddies is paintball games.

The exciting thing about playing these games is they are so intriguing you will only feel as though you’re engaged in an actual conflict. Even though some innovative players invest over $1000 and more in costly markers and other gear, there are many excellent paintball guns available at cheaper rates.

If you’re seeking a superb paintball marker and you’re not eager to devote a good deal of cash, this guide can allow you to make the best option. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding something which fits your budget without sacrificing quality and security. Though it can be a little hard to discover high-end markers priced under $300, you may rest assured that all paintball firearms listed below aren’t only protected but also comfy and top-rated. Here’s an overview of some of the highest best paintball guns under $300, including their exclusive capabilities.


It’s a very low-pressure digital marker, so it’s all of the modes and settings you’d need in a match. It’s also quite steady while shooting, and contains excellent build quality. The build quality certainly makes it a dependable gun, and it’s a high entry-level mark for championships. It comes at a sensible price, and also features all you would want at a tournament.

Another valuable feature of the gun is the lever feed throat, which lets you remove and efficiently attach the hopper. This manufacturer is constructed for more speedball design games. Additionally, it will come with on/off ASA, therefore turning off your air and replacing or refilling your tank is quite simple. This rifle features a higher degree of Precision and a better layout than its previous edition.

The built-in complete grip is set to defend the engine and other components from paintballs. It considerably increases your stamina and confidence on the paintball field. The user-friendly design makes it appropriate for novices. The gun does call for a battery, and some might think about a disadvantage. On the other hand, the gun’s construct, rate, and weight make it a fantastic selection for anybody searching for effortless maneuverability and speed.

2) Tippmann A-5 (.68 Caliber):

The Tippmann A-5, .68 Caliber mark, consists of Aluminum and is upgradeable and customizable to meet your requirements. It’s a cyclone feed system that may fire 15 balls per minute and does not require batteries since it functions in the atmosphere. Cleaning and keeping the A5 is also quite simple since it can be removed in 60 minutes without applications, even its two-button selector, which allows users to change between secure manner and shooting mode, which will help prevent accidents like accidental shooting.

This paintball gun comes with an inline spool system front and rear mounts, a shallow profile hopper, and is also quite durable. The manufacturer set up the Cyclone Feed System, quick feed, and flame style for making this rifle even much more actionable. One other fantastic feature is that the gun firing rate prices it could fire up to 15 balls per minute. Also, it does not require any batteries.

You may love its smooth and smart shooting pace. The Tippmann A-5 is available and personalized with 200 full-round hoppers. It’s harmonious with CO2, Compressed Air Nitrogen, together with a one-year manufacturer guarantee. It’s user-friendly and is made up of advanced features and mechanics at economical prices.

3) Dye Precision Proto Rize:

This mark was constructed on a good base with close attention to detail. Made to last, this rifle will last several years with hardly any upkeep. Additionally, this mark has a slew of features that firearms twice the cost just don’t have. If you’re seeking a budget gun that performs like an expert one, then that is the weapon for you. Great for both play and tournaments, the Dye Proto Rize will provide you with the two worlds better.

The Proto Rize includes an adjustable habit trigger made from aluminum which makes it easier to fire off balls per minute. The strategic benefits do not end there the Proto Rise’s Precision can also be top-notch. You do not need to worry about all the Proto Rize — this rifle comes stock with anti-chop eyes, so you don’t need to fret about a chunk breaking on your gun again. At 4 lbs, the gun is on the hefty side.

4) Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump paintball marker gun 

The Azodin KP3 Kaos Vacuum Paintball Gun is ready to select the pump paintball scene! The Azodin KP3 pump mark delivers features generally found on pump firearms two to 3 times the price tag, providing the participant with the slick operation and Precision together with gorgeous looks. The all-aluminum frame and body use one trigger frame, double ball detents, and dual cocking sticks for a smooth pump stroke and dependability.

Air is provided into the Rock Steady Regulator through a compact on/ off ASA with a cushioned fitted macro line. Catch the Azodin KP3 and enter into the hard world of enjoying pump paintball. The mark can be designed in such a manner it can deliver a superb and elegant performance. The easy pump layout makes it user-friendly for novices while still providing the performance and Precision anticipated by the majority of seasoned pump gamers.

5) Tippmann Cronus Basic:

The Tippmann Cronus paintball gun is a perfect paintball gun for novice to intermediate players, since it’s dependable and straightforward to use a firearm while being very accurate. Together with the Cronus, you do not have to have any prior experience with paintball firearms or some other mechanical abilities to carry it apart and wash, because it’s straightforward to open this up and remove it. By transferring the line interior, the rifle instead of vulnerable users may expect a much better grip and a much more comfortable experience, particularly during gameplay.

It’s a high fire rate and doesn’t chop balls. It costs significantly less than two hundred bucks on Amazon. It includes a paintball gun mega-group, which consists of an anti-fog paintball mask plus a 200-round loader that’s gravity fed. It’s powered by a 20-ounce tank, which includes CO2. But during transport, the tank is continuously delivered vacant. Additionally, it will come with a paintball harness that’s six regular paintball pods using 140 rounds.

6) Planet Eclipse ETEK 5:

Ground Eclipse’s ETEK 5 might be the fifth installment from the ETEK sequence plus it’s remarkably popular to get any lot of factors. The preceding ETEKs are well famous because of their very loud. They’re too much to the paintballs and only could hardly shoot always without exploding a couple of open up. But once the ETEK 5 has been started, it generated a serious buzz due to the fact not only was it even silent, however, nonetheless, it additionally did not crush the contemporary paintballs whilst at the breech or cone. In addition, it had been trustworthy and cheap, and also this pushed it to become on the list of ideals.

This paintball marker comes with a Zick3 Rammer technique which features a 2-stage acceleration account. At the very first point, it supplies a more rapid and milder stride into the spool and subsequently will increase this throughout the 2nd period to provide a superb shooter. This installation helps to ensure it is gentle to the paintballs although additionally cutting down the pressure influence.

7) Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Specialist HPA Paintball Gun:

Tippmann is regarded by the majority of ballers to be among the maximum-quality gun manufacturers, and Cronus is not excluded. The Tippmann Cronus paintball gun is a perfect paintball gun for novice to intermediate players, since it’s dependable and straightforward to use the weapon while being very accurate. The Cronus is thicker (3.7 pounds) compared to a number of the more expensive firearms, but it’s incredibly durable, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it.

Together with the Cronus, you do not have to have any prior experience with paintball firearms or some other mechanical abilities to carry it apart and wash, because it’s straightforward to open this up and remove it. The Cronus also offers an inner gas line and Tippmann’s top-rated inline bolt program. By transferring the line interior, the rifle instead of vulnerable users may have a much better grip and much more comfortable experience — mainly through gameplay

8) D3FY Sports D3S:

This mark has a brilliant yet straightforward appearance, allowing it to fit your struggles. It uses plastic and aluminum material because of its structure, which makes it lightweight and user-friendly. It’s a Ronin plank, also, which functions immediately to notify you if there are changes within the life span of this Battery. One more pleasing truth relating to this paintball marker is the fact that its exceptionally unique ports operate considerably reducing the particular quantity of air used when shooting the paintballs. It’s an adjustable trigger, also, which many believe is a big benefit.

You could even expect this to be the most excellent solution if your purpose is to utilize a gun using a smooth and accurate shooting capacity. I’m also content with the laser system reddish optic incorporated into this mark since it helps make sure your paintballs remain to find within the room.

9) Empire Axe:

Among the highest paintball firearms available that fulfill those demands at a reasonable price is your Empire Axe 2.0 Marker. The Empire Axe Marker is a brand-new creation paintball gun; it’s a modern layout and an elongated grip that permits you to fire from various places daily, using a toolless push-button removal system that enables you to wash and keep it easily.

It’s an inner gas line, which means you don’t need to think about crossing wires when changing hands. Also, it’s an Empire Relay regulator having an off-and-on switch, which makes it simpler to take out the tank. The gun has numerous shooting modes to pick from, such as the PSP Ramping, Semi-Automatic, Millennium Ramping, and the NXL. The rifle can also be nicely enclosed, shielding it against the effects of the weather that was known to influence different firearms.


As stated previously, paintball games could be so much fun to participate in. But should you not have the ideal paintball gun, then you may be at a disadvantage that may make the game less enjoyable. That is the reason it’s incredibly crucial that you do extensive research before purchasing a paintball gun.

Your study must involve the local paintball field to help you figure out whether they accept privately-owned paintball firearms in the first location. Next, you have to enquire concerning the preferred markers as well as the sort of gasoline refills available. This will steer you towards purchasing the fantastic paintball gun you could efficiently utilize and refill with no hassle. Read the best paintball guns under 700 also if you are looking to find guns at that range. 

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