If you are enjoying a fun time with your friends or you are just looking for an adventure that will give you a boost, then paintball is the perfect activity for you. In fact, it’s a super safe game in which you hit your target without causing any harm or injury. It’s quite true that a paintball game is an excellent source of physical and mental activity and, moreover, enhances your social, intellectual, and teamwork skills.

To become a professional in paintball with super-quiet shots and super-accurate accuracy, it is essential not to compromise on your paintball gun, marker, barrel, kit, and other various equipment. Are you confused after seeing so many barrels on the market?

Then you just need to know what type of barrels are best, what the best paintball barrels are, the perfect size material, the length for the perfect shot, and the best budget-friendly barrel. For this purpose, I and my team reviewed the best paintball barrel, and briefly discussed what to keep in mind while picking up the barrel.


Here I am bringing you a comparison of the Freak XL kit versus the HK Army Laser Kit. So, we are starting with the freak. We’ll go with that beauty, so, first off, nice hard outer shell casing. and see what’s inside.  So, this kit has eight inserts.

In the Top portion, you’ve got your inserts. One, two, three, four, and five The bottom portion, is six, seven, and eight. Now we discuss sizes. It’s a hard case with eight inserts, a back, and a front.

While HK One has eight inserts. The hard case, too, is a little flashy and razzle-dazzle in there, like it’s looking good. eight inserts in the HK one as well. HKK is looking a little bit bigger, with more room in your bag. I will say that the Freak XL kit has a 14-inch barrel, and the new HK laser system has a 15-inch barrel.

So, it matters to you to get an extra inch out of the laser kit compared to the freak XL. Now we discuss the extras that come in the HK kit. We’ll compare the bore sizes and the insert sizes

There are two things. First off, as you can see, this is the actual, insert. The inside of the actual barrel back comes with a black rubber grip on the actual bare back itself. And then in the box, we have blue, red, and gray as options as well. So, the Freak XL kit does not come with the added customization of colors.

Then it comes with a ball-sizing thing So if you need to size up your pink balls before you go play or decide what insert you want to use, You can throw them in the insert, this actual ball size, and see if it’s a nice tight, snug fit; it has their sizes right on the actual chart itself.

As I said, they both come with eight inserts.  So, what size inserts do we have? It starts with a laser kit, I’ve got 678, 680, 682, 684, 686, 688, 690, and 692. while the freak XL kit has 679, 682, 684, 687, 689, 691, 693, and all the way up to a 695. So, the XL kit goes up in bigger-sized paint and bore sizes, and then the laser kit actually has a little bit smaller diameter for the smaller stuff.

So, obviously, both of these kids are great. The freak has a little bit bigger of a gap. Both have automatic Cocker threading, obviously. Right now, if you wanted to buy a different barrel back for the freak XL system, you could do that. So, that’s a plus for the freak XL.

If you’re rocking a 10 and a 5 or something, you can get a barrel back that can take these inserts As I said, HK has a new fancy laser port, the laser beams. Hold it off to the side so you can see the light through it. You’ve got a long port, and then you have your little, tiny holes. So, you’ve got to kind of have slits in the barrel, and then you’ve got actual holes for it.

Obviously, you’re going to shoot through old paint shells, dirt, and mud a lot easier with the tip. So, I like that there are definitely different options with the free KXL kit, starting with tip options. But Freak has more variety right now in terms of tips and colors.

Freak is definitely more customizable, and you have more customization options available. With the freak stuff, HK only has it in dust black and they only have it for auto Cocker

Key Features Of The HK Army kit

It is a two-piece barrel with an aluminum composition

  • Size: 15 Inches
  • Bore Size: .678, .680, .682, .684, .686, .688, .690, .692
  • Insert Color: Black & Color Coded

Key Features of Freak XL kit

  • Size: 14 & 16 Inches
  • Thread: Auto cocker, Ion, Tippmann A5, Tippmann 98C,
  • Bore Size Inserts: .679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, .695
  • Porting: Spiral Porting, Linear Porting

Deadly wind Fiber-X8 Barrels

The Deadly wind Fiber-X carbon fiber barrels are ultra-lightweight, accurate, and quiet. Remember, the fiber x is the one that takes the standard insert and the fiber x8 the number eight is the one that takes the xl insert (GoG 8-inch Freak XL inserts).  it’s a carbon fiber barrel with an aluminum back to it.

They utilize the Freak(TM) replaceable inserts, so one barrel and a few inserts will do the job of multiple barrels. The Fiber-X barrel system consists of three parts- The thread adapter to match your gun type, a carbon fiber “main barrel” which is the main part of the barrel (sets the length), and a Freak  insert which sets the bore of the barrel.X-8-barrel weighs 2 ounces if we’ve got an insert on there so that’s 2.9 ounces

Key Features

  • Thread Type: Auto cocker, Spyder, Cocker, A5, Custom 98
  • Compatible Markers: Fits Ego, Geo, Dye, Axe, Mini, G6R.
  • Available sizes (length): 8.5, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 Inches
  • Bore size: 679, .684, .689
  • Material: Carbon
  • Porting: Normal Porting, Double Porting, Spiral Porting, Double Spiral Porting


  • It’s a lot lighter than a standard aluminum barrel
  • Is easy to clean and maintain


  • Not suitable for the large playing field.

TIPPMANN Sniper 16-Inch Barrel for A5/X7

This is the Tippmann sniper barrel. It comes in this matte black finish to give you that stealthy look it’s available in both 14- and 16-inch lengths. Available in a 5 X 7 thread and also the tip and ninety-eight thread It’s made out of lightweight aluminum the inside is honed for a low friction surface it’s a one-piece barrel which is a great upgrade for any Tippmann marker.

It’s going to give you a longer barrel than the stock ones that come on most of the Tippmann markers so gives you a different look than you get right out of the box. It’s got quite a bit of porting to on the end so it’s going to be a pretty quiet barrel.

Key Features

  1. Dimension: 16 x1.8×0.8 inches
  2. Quite lightweight and accurate
  3. Made of 6061 T6 Aluminum
  4. Size: 14 inches & 16 inches


  • The finest barrels   
  • Do have a perfect length
  • Super smooth and perfect finish expensive
  • Longer, more accurate, or more precise barrel
  • It is a one-piece barrel


  • The barrel is longer than the standard barrel.
  • Premium product and it’s more expensive.
  • A longer barrel may affect the mobility of the player, making it more difficult to move in tight spaces and to aim quickly.
  • Installing this barrel requires some technical knowledge.

Tippmann A-5 Barrel 16″

It is designed for Greater accuracy, this 16-inch barrel perfectly suitable for  shooting distance

Key Features

  • Size:16 inches
  • Constructed: aluminum
  • very sleek and long


  • High-performance & Durable Paintball Markers


  • Difficult to shoot with them accurately.

Carmatech Engineering Nemesis Rifled Paintball Barrel

This is the most accurate paintball barrel, with aluminum construction for excellent performance and super accuracy. In the field with a nemesis barrel, shooting around 320 FSC dramatically increases your efficiency. You can run it in different configurations.

The first part is the rifled and more of a control board tip and then you have a little thread protector.  I strongly recommend you consider this like this is a really nice barrel. I will mention if you take the tip off you’re going to lose that efficiency

Key Features

  • Size: 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17 Inches
  • Thread: Auto cocker & Tippmann A5
  • Bore Size: .681, .686, .691

12” Black Tippmann A-5 J&J Ceramic Barrel

Tippmann barrel is going to give you a longer barrel than the stock ones that come on most of the Tippmann markers so it gives you a different look.



  • Best shot performance
  • Lightweight
  • Frictionless surface
  • More accurate


  • Not easy to clean
  • Compromised accuracy for long range shot

14″ Black Tippmann 98 Custom J&J Ceramic Barrel

It is designed for the best performance and is accurate in large distance shots, 14-inches Tippmann barrel is constructed from lightweight aluminum, and the Sniper 14-inch Barrel is micro-honed. A reliable Barrel that is easily customized and durable due to its aluminum material.



  • Smooth surface, Easy to clean.
  • Frictionless material.
  • Lightweight.


  • the barrel is a little tighter
  • Harder to Clean.
  • Accuracy is compromised on Long range targets.

Things to Know Before Choosing A Paintball Barrel

Before choosing the best paintball barrel, you must know the best quality and selection depends upon many factors through which it perfectly fits your desire and budget

The Material

Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Stainless steel barrel. Add aluminum versus carbon fiber barrels other than being lighter are there any other benefits to carbon paper barrels? Do you think it’s more accurate?  definitely not accurate the composition of the barrel versus aluminum, Gross stainless steel, and all the stuff aren’t going to really affect accuracy at all.

I mean like technically may be seeing the steel barrels because they have a lower coefficient of drag might technically be more accurate but not in the real world.

So why carbon fiber barrels mainly because they’re lighter and probably because they look cool I feel that like when carbon fiber barrels are on guns, they’re a little bit easier to like move around and like whip back and forth but I don’t know if that’s that big a deal

I can feel it right if I put a regular aluminum barrel on a paintball gun and then a carbon fiber one it’s the same length just feels like I can move it around a little bit easier because there’s not as much weight in the front of the gun but not having weight can also, is bad because the guns kick if we have more weight in the front the gun can kick left.

That’s why I like these really heavy solid stainless steel barrel guns don’t kick with them because they’re so freaking heavy the kick of the gun just can’t lift the barrel up as much.

So, we definitely find that carbon fiber barrels on the gun make the gun kick more you also can’t pull with the carbon fiber barrels as much porting because the carbon fiber is a weave you can’t put tons of porting. So, for me I just like the aluminum ones I had carbon fibers to like flashy and cool for me so I just prefer just regular aluminum.


What length paintball barrel should? For high velocity and perfect accuracy barrel lengths between 12-14 are recommended. It is not necessary that a long barrel is more accurate, in certain conditions it depends upon other factors too. Here we are providing you with a comparison between the short and long barrels.

  • A longer barrel.
  • No Gas Efficient.
  • More Accurate.
  • Shoot Quieter.
  • Long-distance shoot.
  • Easy to aim target
  • Best for snipper-based gameplay.

Sound Signature with Bore Size

The way you will see improvements in paintball barrels depends upon the efficiency and sound signature in fact, the most noticeable thing you’re going to notice the difference with when you change barrels things that are going to determine the sound signature of your gun going to the porting on your gun and the material the, barrels are made.

The deadly ring is carbon fiber these barrels are super well-made; carbon fiber is very strong it’s very rigid it’s not malleable at all. You can’t bend this stuff not even a little bit, it’s very rigid and because it’s very rigid the sound signature of the barrel is going to be very snappy that goes for all carbon fiber barrels carbon fiber is generally much snappier, and sound than the aluminum ultra-light tip.

A 16-inch tip and a 14-inch ultra-light tip by deadly wind so whipped it let’s just do both 14-inch tips if I would have this on either an ultralight or carbon fiber boomstick the sound signature is going to be way snappy then this is going to give a much duller sound.

Another thing for sound signature beside the material, the barrels made have is the amount of porting on that barrel here’s a really loud barrel this is a well first off, its carbon fiber it’s literally got eight ports that’s it and they’re right at the last like two inches of the barrel this is a mofo barrel made by hammerhead another thing for a sound signature is your barrel length the shorter your barrel the louder it’s going to be.

The 8-inch tip for the die ultra-light system is way louder than the 16-inch ultra-light tip length is also a tremendous factor for efficiency. Efficiency comes from boring your paint properly and your barrel length


Ultimately it is a fun game to play paintball the aim of this game is to hit your mates with a marker without worrying about injuring them, assuming the game is carefully managed. From its beginnings as a casual and friendly sport played to pass the time, paintball has become a competitive, professional game among some teams. It is essential not to compromise on your paintball gear if you want to take up the sport seriously.

Whether looking at protective equipment or the kit required to play the game at a professional level, there are various items you need to buy. One such important item is the paintball barrel. The best paintball barrel can drastically change your game and give you an edge over your opponents.

Of course, since all professionals use barrels on their guns, you will not only need the best model but also the skills to go with it. And we can definitely help you find the best paintball barrels from among the countless varieties available on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep them stored? And is it safe to leave them in the pods?

IT would not leave them in the pods, keep them stored at a reasonable house temperature. A lot of people like to keep them in a closet away from moisture.

I would say it depends on the brand and the type of paint. I would say probably about a year shelf life but make sure you continuously flip the box over, so it doesn’t get flat spots or dimples on one side or the other. So, if you’re storing a case of paint at home in your room wherever it may be, room temperature preferred, would flip it at least once a week,

What is the difference between one piece and a two-piece barrel?

The one-piece barrel is fixed length and fixed controlled, while the two-piece barrel is fixed length it’s the deadly wind but changeable control. The Freak system free barrels are changeable Control board’s standard back with different tip lengths. We can adjust the tip line and the control board.

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