8 Best Combat Shirts Of 2023 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Combat shirts are essential gear for any tactical enthusiast or military professional, providing the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and protection during intense missions. Having a trustworthy combat shirt can greatly improve performance in the field, whether you’re a passionate airsoft player, paintball player, police officer, or military personnel.

In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing the best combat shirt and review eight top-notch options available in 2023.

Breathable Material Construction

As someone who wears combat shirts a lot, one of the most important things I look for is what material they’re made of. You want the shirt to be breathable so your body doesn’t overheat, especially if you’re doing intense exercises or training.

I try to pick combat shirts made of polyester or a polyester/cotton blend. These materials breathe really well, and they dry quickly after sweating or getting wet.

The poly fabrics keep me feeling cool and dry even when wearing the shirt for a long time. I also look for shirts that have ventilation panels in key spots, like under the arms or on the back. Those mesh panel sections help airflow, so I stay more comfortable.

For me, the material and breathability are key when I’m choosing a quality combat shirt that I can wear and move in for hours without getting too hot.

Combat Shirts Protective Properties

Combat shirts should offer a degree of protection to shield you from abrasions, cuts, and other potential hazards on the battlefield.

Many high-quality combat shirts feature reinforced elbows and forearms, made from durable materials like ripstop fabric or nylon, providing extra protection during crawling or shooting from prone positions.

Some shirts also come with integrated elbow pad pockets, allowing you to add extra padding for added protection. Choose a shirt that offers the right amount of protection for the challenges you’ll face during your activities.

Integrated Storage

A combat shirt should not only keep you comfortable and protected but also offer ample storage for essential gear and accessories. Look for shirts with multiple pockets, ideally with easy access and secure closures such as zippers or hook-and-loop fasteners.

Chest pockets are handy for storing small items like maps, pens, or flashlights, while sleeve pockets are perfect for holding patches or identification tags. Some combat shirts even have hidden pockets for storing valuables discreetly.

Having integrated storage options ensures that you have quick access to crucial items while keeping your hands free for other tasks.


While functionality is key, the aesthetics of a combat shirt can also play a role in your decision-making process. Many brands offer combat shirts in a range of colors and camouflage patterns to suit different environments and missions.

Choose a color or pattern that matches the terrain you’ll be operating in to blend seamlessly with your surroundings. Additionally, consider whether you prefer a more traditional military-style design or a more modern and sleek appearance.

Aesthetics can impact your overall confidence and performance on the field, so pick a combat shirt that aligns with your personal style and mission needs.

Vertx 37.5 Combat Shirt:

When it comes to intense tactical missions or demanding outdoor activities, having the right gear can make all the difference. The Vertx 37.5 Combat Shirt is a top-notch option that offers both superior performance and unmatched comfort for tactical professionals.

To assist you in making a well-informed purchase, we’ll examine in detail the design choices that set this fight shirt apart from the competition.

Revolutionary Technology for Optimal Comfort

The Vertx 37.5 Combat Shirt is equipped with 37.5 technology, a revolutionary feature that sets it apart from traditional combat shirts. This innovative technology utilizes active particles that are embedded into the fabric to help regulate your body temperature.

Enhanced Durability for Demanding Environments

As someone who uses tactical gear, I need shirts that can really hold up through tough missions and lots of wear and tear. The Vertx 37.5 Combat Shirt is a great one that’s built to last. It’s made from hardy materials like a ripstop polyester/cotton blend that can handle rugged conditions.

The ripstop fabric is meant to resist ripping and tearing, which is perfect when I’m moving through environments with sharp stuff or rough ground.

The shirt also has reinforced pads on the elbows and forearms, so those high-abrasion areas have an extra layer of protection. That reinforcement really adds to the shirt’s durability for me and lets it withstand super demanding use.

When I put on the Vertx combat shirt, I know it’s constructed to go the distance and last through even the most intense tactical situations I’ll put it through. It can take a beating!

Optimal Functionality for Tactical Applications

In addition to its comfort and durability, the Vertx 37.5 Combat Shirt is packed with features that enhance its functionality for tactical applications. The shirt is designed with a quarter-zip front closure, allowing for easy ventilation and quick donning and doffing.

The adjustable cuffs and collar ensure a personalized fit, while the loop panels on the sleeves provide space for attaching patches or identification.

First Tactical Men’s Defender Shirt:

I recently tried out the First Tactical Men’s Defender Shirt. This tactical shirt is really comfortable but also very functional. It’s great for police, soldiers, and people who love the outdoors. The shirt is super durable and can be worn in a bunch of different ways.

That’s why it’s one of the best tactical shirts out this year. I think anyone looking for a good tactical shirt should check out the First Tactical Self Defender. It has everything you need without sacrificing comfort. I was really impressed and would highly recommend it.

Durable Construction for Demanding Environments

The First Tactical Defender shirt is really tough. It’s made from a mix of polyester and cotton ripstop fabric. That means it can handle anything I throw at it. I don’t have to worry about it ripping or wearing out too fast, even if I’m bushwhacking through the woods or doing intense tactical training.

The material is just really sturdy. For me, that’s a key thing I look for in tactical gear. I want it to stand up to whatever adventure I take it on. The Defender shirt definitely delivers when it comes to durability. It can take a beating and keep going. That’s a big reason why I like it so much.

Practical Design with Multiple Pockets

The First Tactical Men’s Defender Shirt boasts a practical design that caters to the needs of tactical professionals. It is equipped with multiple pockets strategically placed for easy access to essential gear and accessories.

The chest pockets are roomy enough to hold small tools, pens, or a notepad, while the bicep pockets are perfect for storing identification badges or small tools. Additionally, the sleeve pockets provide convenient storage for small items, such as patches or a small flashlight.

Ventilation and Comfort

As someone who’s outdoors a lot, I need my tactical shirt to keep me comfortable even when I’m active all day. The First Tactical Defender really delivers on comfort. It has mesh panels under the arms that let air flow through.

That keeps me from getting all sweaty and overheated, even if I’m hiking for hours or doing some intense training drills. The collar on the shirt zips part way down too. That lets me control the ventilation. If I’m cold, I can zip it up higher to keep the heat in.

The fabric itself is also moisture-wicking. It pulls the sweat away from my skin, so I don’t end up drenched. That’s a really nice feature. Overall, the Defender shirt has everything I need to stay cool and dry, no matter how long I wear it.

The comfort factor is top-notch, which is something I always look for in my tactical gear. This shirt definitely gets high marks in that area.

Mobility and Flexibility

In tactical operations, unrestricted mobility is a must. The First Tactical Men’s Defender Shirt is crafted with articulated elbows and gusseted sleeves, offering a wide range of motion without any restrictions.

This layout promotes rapid and effortless motion, which facilitates a wide range of activities and maneuvers. Whether you need to climb obstacles or engage in rapid shooting, this shirt provides the flexibility you need to excel in your activities.

Adjustable Fit for a Customized Feel

Finding the perfect fit is essential for any tactical shirt, and the First Tactical Men’s Defender Shirt doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. The cuffs and the front half-zip are both adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit.

This feature not only adds to your comfort but also ensures that the shirt stays securely in place during dynamic movements.

5.11 Tactical Men’s Multicam TDU Rapid Assault Combat Shirt 72185

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Multicam TDU Rapid Assault Combat Shirt 72185 is a top-of-the-line option for individuals seeking a high-performance and versatile combat shirt. This combat shirt blends comfort, functionality, and durability to satisfy the needs of tactical operators and military personnel.

Comfort and Mobility

One of the standout features of the 5.11 Tactical Men’s Multicam TDU Rapid Assault Combat Shirt is its exceptional comfort and mobility. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and dry during intense physical activities.

The underarm gussets and bi-swing shoulders provide unrestricted movement, allowing you to maneuver and engage with ease.

Functional Design

The functional design of this combat shirt sets it apart from others in the market. It features a practical quarter-zip collar with a zippered placket for adjustable ventilation and ease of donning and doffing. The sleeves are equipped with reinforced elbow pads, offering added protection during crawling and shooting from prone positions.

Additionally, the integrated loop panels on the sleeves allow for the attachment of patches, identification patches, or morale patches.

Multicam Camouflage Pattern

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Multicam TDU Rapid Assault Combat Shirt comes in the iconic Multicam camouflage pattern, making it well-suited for a variety of environments and terrains. The pattern is designed to blend seamlessly with different surroundings, providing effective concealment during missions.

Whether you’re operating in woodland, desert, or urban settings, this combat shirt ensures you stay low-profile and unnoticed.

5.11 Tactical Men’s Rapid Assault Combat Shirt 72194:

When it comes to tactical gear, 5.11 Tactical is a brand that consistently delivers top-notch products, and their Men’s Rapid Assault Combat Shirt 72194 is no exception. This battle shirt was developed specifically for the demands of military and law enforcement personnel, and it provides the optimal balance of comfort, functionality, and durability for demanding missions and operations.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features that make the 5.11 Tactical Men’s Rapid Assault Combat Shirt 72194 a standout choice for tactical enthusiasts.

Functional Design and Construction

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Rapid Assault Combat Shirt 72194 is crafted from a combination of polyester and spandex, providing a comfortable and flexible fit that allows for a wide range of motion during high-intensity activities.

Integrated Storage and Versatility

The storage options on the First Tactical Defender shirt are really handy. It has big zippered chest pockets that are great for holding stuff I need access to, like maps, radios, or medical supplies. The sleeves have zippered pockets too for smaller gear or tools I want close by.

I can quickly grab whatever I need without breaking my stride thanks to how they designed the pockets. The sleeve patches are a nice touch too. I can attach ID patches or other insignia there to customize the look.

For me, useful storage is a must-have for any tactical shirt. The Defender delivers on that front with its well-placed pockets and sleeve patches. I never feel like I don’t have enough room to carry the essentials with this shirt. The storage solutions make it super functional and practical.

Practicality and Durability

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Rapid Assault Combat Shirt 72194 is built to withstand the rigors of tactical operations. The reinforced elbows offer extra durability and protection during crawling or shooting from prone positions.

The fabric and stitching of the shirt are of the highest quality, guaranteeing its durability on the field. Additionally, the shirt’s color options are designed to blend seamlessly with various terrains, providing an added advantage during stealth and camouflage operations.

TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform (T.R.U.) 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt

I recently started using the Tru-Spec Tactical Response Uniform shirt for my airsoft games and training. This combat-style shirt has become my new go-to top. The ripstop fabric is durable enough to handle rough airsoft games but still feels comfortable and flexible.

I like that the 1/4 zip collar lets me control airflow on hot days. It’s great at wicking away sweat too, keeping me dry even during intense matches. The velcro sleeve patches are perfect for showing my team ID. With the zippered chest pockets, I can securely carry extra ammo and supplies.

For tactical enthusiasts like me, this shirt has all the features I need. The tough yet breathable fabric and useful storage make it ideal for my hobby. After seeing how well it performs for airsoft, I can understand why the military and law enforcement choose this shirt too.

It’s comfortable and functional enough for real world missions or just weekend warrior training. The Tru-Spec Tactical Response Uniform shirt has become my go-to for all things tactical.

Design and Build

The TRU-SPEC T.R.U. 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt is expertly crafted with attention to detail, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of demanding missions. This fabric blend allows for excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool and dry even during intense physical activities.

The 1/4 zip design provides added versatility, allowing you to adjust ventilation based on changing weather conditions and activity levels.

Comfort and Fit

When I’m out in the field for hours on end, comfort is key. The Tru-Spec combat shirt really delivers there. It has an athletic cut that lets me move freely without any tightness or restriction.

The velcro cuffs and collar are adjustable too, so I can customize the fit. That prevents chafing or rubbing that might bug me over time. The collar itself sits nice and soft against my neck.

Even when I’m active all day, it doesn’t irritate my skin, which I appreciate. For long missions or training exercises, staying comfortable makes a big difference.

This shirt allows me to focus without distracting discomfort. The athletic design and adjustable fit make it one of the most comfortable tactical shirts I’ve worn.

Functionality and Versatility

The TRU-SPEC T.R.U. 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt boasts several features that enhance its overall functionality and versatility. The sleeves of the shirt are typically equipped with multiple pockets, providing ample storage space for small items, patches, or identification tags.

Additionally, the shirt often comes with reinforced elbows and forearms, offering added protection during crawling or shooting from prone positions. Some versions of the shirt may also have integrated elbow pad pockets, allowing you to insert extra padding for increased protection.

Durability and Longevity

In the field, durability is paramount, and the TRU-SPEC T.R.U. 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt delivers on this aspect. The reinforced stitching and high-quality materials ensure that the shirt can withstand rough use and frequent washings without compromising its integrity.

The shirt’s abrasion resistance makes it ideal for tough conditions and extended wear. With proper care and maintenance, the TRU-SPEC T.R.U. 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt is built to last, providing reliable performance for numerous missions to come.

Condor Tactical Combat Shirt: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Functionality

I recently tried out the Condor Tactical Combat Shirt for some intense airsoft games. This shirt really nails the balance between comfort and functionality that I look for in tactical gear. It’s designed with the needs of airsofters and paintballers in mind, so it can handle rugged play.

At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, even during active games. It also has integrated elbow pads that provide protection without limiting my mobility.

The velcro patches make it easy to swap out IDs and insignias too. For anyone looking for a high-performing tactical shirt for airsoft or paintball, I highly recommend the Condor Combat Shirt. It has become my go-to for intense training and competitions thanks to the perfect blend of comfort and tactical features it provides. This is a great option for law enforcement and military personnel, too.

I was really impressed with how well-made the Condor Combat Shirt is. It’s constructed from durable ripstop fabric that’s a mix of polyester and cotton. That means it can handle wear and tear while still being comfortable. I’ve worn this shirt for some intense airsoft battles, and it holds up great.

The ripstop material resists scuffs, abrasions, and tears, even when I’m diving behind bunkers and crawling through the brush. Clearly, this shirt was built to perform during high activity.

The shirt also has features for enhanced comfort. The fabric itself breathes well and wicks moisture away. That keeps me from overheating and sweating too much out on the field. It has just the right amount of stretch too, so I never feel restricted when running or maneuvering.

The combat shirt is cut nice and loose for a full range of motion. The little details, like the stretchy athletic fabric, make a big difference in comfort over long games. When I’m comfortable, I can focus better on the mission objectives. This shirt delivers on both durability and comfort, making it perfect for my needs.

LA Police Gear Combat Shirt:

I recently picked up the LA Police Gear combat shirt for some intense airsoft games and really liked how comfortable it was. The material is a cotton and polyester blend that feels nice against the skin without being too heavy or stiff.

It also breathes extremely well which keeps me from overheating during long days out on the airsoft field. The mesh panels under the arms let tons of air flow through to cool me down. 

Even in the heat of battle, this shirt keeps me dry and ventilated. For a combat shirt, I was really impressed by how lightweight and breathable it felt. The soft fabric and cooling mesh make this one of the most comfortable tactical shirts I’ve worn for my hobby.

It’s great for law enforcement and the military too since it stands up to activity but doesn’t compromise comfort or airflow. For my needs, those features make the LA Police Gear combat shirt a winner.

Strategic Design for Tactical Performance

The LA Police Gear Combat Shirt is thoughtfully designed to enhance your tactical performance in the field. It features reinforced elbow pads, providing essential protection during crawling or shooting from prone positions. The shirt also includes adjustable cuffs and a zippered collar, allowing for a personalized fit and easy ventilation.

Durable Construction for Intense Use

Built to withstand the rigors of tactical operations, the LA Police Gear Combat Shirt boasts a rugged and durable construction. The abrasion-resistant sleeves and body ensure longevity, making it an ideal choice for high-intensity activities. Reinforced stitching adds to its overall durability, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of law enforcement and military training exercises.

Condor Trident Battle Top:

I recently got the Condor Trident Battle Top to up my airsoft game, and I’m seriously impressed with this tactical shirt. It’s packed with innovative features to help you dominate on the airsoft battlefield.

The material is lightweight but tough as nails; it can handle me diving behind bunkers and crawling through brush with no rips or tears. It has integrated elbow and forearm pads that shield my limbs from painful hits without limiting mobility. The half zip and moisture-wicking fabric keep me cool and ventilated in the heat of action. 

With the Velcro patches, I can swap out flags and IDs to match my squad. For airsoft, this battle top gives me an edge with its combination of rugged protection and breathable comfort. The advanced design helps me perform at my best during intense matches.

Any airsoft player looking for next-level tactical gear would love the Condor Trident shirt. It takes my skills up a notch thanks to its protective and functional features. This is now my go-to battle top for tourney play!

Durable Construction for Rugged Use

The Condor Trident Battle Top is constructed from high-quality and durable materials to withstand the rigors of intense missions and outdoor activities. Reinforced elbows provide extra protection during crawling or prone shooting, while the adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs allow for a snug fit around the wrists.

This battle top is built to withstand the harshest conditions, making it an ideal choice for tactical enthusiasts operating in challenging environments.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Functionality

The Trident Battle Top features an innovative design that prioritizes functionality and versatility. The quarter-zip front closure allows for quick ventilation and easy on/off, making it perfect for rapidly changing situations. The mandarin collar with a soft fleece lining provides added comfort and protection against neck chafing.

Two large bicep pockets with loop panels offer convenient storage for essential items or patches. The loop panels on the sleeves also allow for easy customization with morale patches or identification badges. With its thoughtful design, the Condor Trident Battle Top ensures that you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Breathable and Comfortable for Extended Wear

Comfort is paramount during tactical operations, and the Condor Trident Battle Top delivers on this front. The mesh underarm panels enhance breathability, promoting proper airflow to keep you cool and dry even during intense physical activities. This battle top allows you to stay focused on the mission without being hindered by discomfort or overheating.

In Summary

After testing out a few different combat shirts for airsoft, I’ve learned what features are most important to me. Breathability is a big one since I’m running and gunning all day. Shirts made with moisture-wicking material like a cotton/polyester blend help keep me cool and dry even when I’m fully engaged on the field. Extra airflow from mesh vent panels is clutch too.

Protection matters as well, since sliding behind covers can be rough. I look for shirts with reinforced elbows and forearms made from tough ripstop fabric. Pockets for padded elbow inserts are nice for added safety too. 

Storage is key, so I can carry extra magazines, maps, and tools on me. Multiple zippered pockets on the chest and sleeves allow quick access to my gear mid-game.

Finally, appearance does play a role since looking the part is half the fun. Combat shirts with hook-and-loop patches for flag insignias help complete the tactical look.

Considering all these factors will ensure you find the ideal combat shirt to dominate the airsoft battlefield while staying comfortable.

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