Action Village Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Package | 2023 Review

As an intermediate player looking to upgrade my beginner’s setup, the Action Village Alpha Elite bundle caught my attention. The packaging of a Tippmann Alpha Black tactical marker, along with quality accessories and gear for one price, looked enticing. After taking it for extensive testing in the field, I’m impressed with how this bundle provides such a capability boost.

Rugged And Reliable Marker 

The star of the Alpha Elite package is the Alpha Black marker. This robust 68-caliber force-fed loader is built like a tank and can withstand years of battle. The inline bolt system cycles paint smoothly with minimal jamming.

It fires reliably shot after shot despite heavy use and performs well even in poor weather. The included 11-inch shroud and front grip provide a stabilized shooting platform.

Accurate Barrel System

The two-piece 12″ barrel provides surprisingly good accuracy for a stock system. With a couple of barrel inserts to match my paint, I was able to engage targets well beyond 100 feet. The porting reduced noise and recoil for quicker follow-up shots. The barrel thread allowed for adding a muzzle brake too.

Quality Loader And Tank 

The included Proto Primo hopper kept pace, feeding balls smoothly during rapid semi-auto firing. Having a loader versus shaken paint is a big upgrade. The 48-ci, 3000-psi aluminum compressed air tank provided hundreds of consistent shots per fill. Together, they transformed the Alpha Black into a formidable setup.

Protective Mask 

The mask may be basic, but it still offers full face protection with decent visibility. Having quality eye coverage versus rental goggles provided needed peace of mind. The adjustable strap had a secure fit. While an upgrade is still recommended, this mask is functional.

Tippmann’s US Army Alpha Elite Marker

The Alpha Elite marker immediately impressed me with its rugged military-style design, ready for action. The textured grip and integrated front shroud provide a stable foundation for accurate firing. Working the bolt handle to chamber each round adds to the realism.

Internally, the inline bolt system powers paintballs downrange with authority and a minimal sound signature. The absence of electronics does mean a manual loading cycle, but the smooth steel mechanism seldom jams, even after hundreds of rounds.

The ability to quickly transition from hopper to magfed play provides flexibility. The magazine feed worked flawlessly with the included 20-round magazine. I do recommend picking up more magazines to increase your ammo capacity for longer games.

Little touches like the adjustable stock, removable iron sights, and accessory rails allow you to customize this marker to your preferences. While not a tournament-level performer, the Alpha Elite delivers reliable firepower shot after shot, perfect for scenarios, woodsball, or entry-level speedball.

For a mechanical marker under $200, the Alpha Elite packs tremendous value by blending military realism with robust construction able to hold up under new players. This marker will continue serving me well even as my skills progress.

Let me know if you need any other details on the Alpha Elite! I’m happy to share more first-hand impressions from testing.

Essential Upgrades

While capable out of the box, a few upgrades can elevate the Alpha Elite’s performance even further:

  • A compressed air tank for more consistent velocity and shot count
  • An electronic hopper for fast feeding during semi-auto
  • A thermal mask with anti-fog lenses for better vision
  • A two-piece barrel for enhanced accuracy at range
  • Magfed kit and more mags for increased ammo capacity 

Firing Modes

The Alpha Elite offers semi-auto firing, only powered by the mechanical inline bolt system. While it lacks the fancy electronics of tournament markers, the manual operation provides consistent, reliable shot cycling with less to break.


The Alpha Elite features a dual aluminum and composite body able to withstand heavy battlefield use. The nylon composite shroud helps shed weight, while the aluminum core ensures precision when firing. Rubber grips improve comfort and control.

Accurate Range

With a barrel match for your paint, the Alpha Elite can engage targets out to 150+ feet with ease thanks to the smooth inline bolt consistency. The two-stage trigger provides smooth pulls for precise shot placement.

Easy Maintenance

Field stripping the Alpha Elite takes under a minute thanks to the hinged clamshell design, which requires no tools. This allows quick access to the internals for cleaning debris and relubrication after heavy use. The Tippmann TMC offers similarly fast and tool-free disassembly.


In conclusion, the Alpha Elite bundle from Action Village provides tremendous value by packing a capable marker, mask, hopper, and tank all for an affordable price. While not high-end equipment, these components come together to deliver a complete setup ready for the field right out of the box.

The star of the show is the rugged and reliable Alpha Elite marker, modeled after real steel military weapons. Its inline bolt system cycles consistently with minimal fuss. For a mechanical, non-electronic marker, it achieves impressive accuracy. The included magazine and magfed capabilities add flexibility.

While basic, the mask, Proto Primo hopper, and 48-ci air tank complete the package nicely to enable a new player to dive into the sport. Having these essentials versus rental equipment makes a big difference in enjoyment and capabilities.

Down the road, players will likely upgrade key components as their skills improve. But as a starter kit, the Alpha Elite bundle provides strong value. For a budget-friendly price, you receive a marker, mask, loader, and tank that can provide years of solid recreational play. It earns my full recommendation as an entry-level setup for new players looking to get into the game without breaking the bank.


Q: What makes the Alpha Elite marker stand out for scenario games?

With its authentic military styling and built-in carry handle, the Alpha Elite feels like an actual tactical firearm in my hands. The in-line bolt system also provides a realistic recoil when firing. I love using the Alpha Elite for intense scenario games since it fully immerses me in military simulation action.

Q: How long does a 20-ounce CO2 tank last?

I can easily get several full hopper loads, roughly 500+ shots, from a 20-ounce CO2 tank before needing a refill. This lets me play multiple back-to-back matches without having to swap tanks.

With the rapid reload time of the Alpha Elite, one 20-ounce tank has enough capacity for even the longest scenario games.

Q: Is this a good package for beginners?

This is an amazing starter package for new players. The semi-auto Alpha Elite marker is very beginner-friendly with its simple operation and reliability.

And you get everything needed, like a mask, tank, and loader, right in the box. I lend this setup to new player friends all the time, and they can keep up with experienced teams. It’s ideal for getting rookies into the action right away.

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